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General Items Forum General Items Forum (16,368 topics)

If your topic, question or information does not fit anywhere else ... post it here

Last Post 2 hours ago on Question for the coaches out there.
Recruiting Questions Recruiting Questions (4,099 topics)

Ask questions and help others with the college recruiting process

Last Post 8 hours ago on HS ball players are not victims
Golden Threads Golden Threads (41 topics)

Some of the best and most popular threads on the High School Baseball Web

2012 & 2013 Signees 2012 & 2013 Signees (318 topics)

Post information about players that have signed with a college team.

Last Post 10/30/13 8:58 AM on 13 LHP Signs
Unsigned Players Unsigned Players (22 topics)

HS, JUCO and college-age players who are looking for a college baseball opportunity.

Last Post 4/16/14 12:53 PM on Alex Aguilar skills video
Showcase Forum Showcase Forum (1,677 topics)

Ask questions about specific baseball showcases

Last Post 4/22/14 12:04 PM on PG Showcase vs PG Tournament?
Summer Teams Summer Teams (1,068 topics)

Talk about summer high school age teams - American Legion, Babe Ruth, Independent

Ask About Colleges Ask About Colleges (1,860 topics)

Ask a question about a specific college

Last Post 3 hours ago on Brown Baseball
Going Pro Going Pro (443 topics)

In memory of bbscout...a very special man, respected scout, loving father, husband and grandpa, who will always be missed and remembered

Last Post 4/12/14 5:23 PM on Life in the minors
About the Draft About the Draft (348 topics)

Ask questions about the MLB baseball draft

Last Post 4/22/14 9:06 PM on questionaire
In Memory In Memory (18 topics)

In Honor of our Departed Friends and Family

Last Post 3/13/14 11:44 PM on In Memory of Michael S Taylor 1958-2014
HSBBWeb Announcements HSBBWeb Announcements (105 topics)

General announcements and notices about site updates

Last Post 4/19/14 9:45 AM on Puerto Rico
HSBBWEB Radio HSBBWEB Radio (7 topics)

Tune in for interviews on HSBBWEB Radio!

Last Post 11/4/12 3:45 PM on Preventing Youth Injuries
Tournaments & Showcases Tournaments & Showcases (1,516 topics)

Private party posts about showcases and tournaments

Last Post 4/22/14 3:09 PM on AABC TEXAS TOURNAMENTS
HELP WANTED: Players / Teams / Coaches / Tourneys HELP WANTED: Players / Teams / Coaches / Tourneys (882 topics)
Last Post 4/16/14 12:24 AM on 2014 HOUSTON SHOWCASE TRYOUTS
Baseball Camps Baseball Camps (610 topics)

College and Regional Camp Listings

Travel Recommendations Travel Recommendations (124 topics)

Wondering where to eat and where to stay at the next tourney?

Last Post 3/14/14 5:43 PM on What's it cost to play at your HS?
I'll See You There! I'll See You There! (58 topics)

HSBBWeb "Mini-Conventions"

Last Post 4/22/14 12:13 PM on Delaware to Kauai
Chat Room Chat Room (16 topics)

Want to start a Chat session? Announce it here!

Last Post 12/30/13 12:35 PM on 6u Flower Mound Tx
After High School After High School (669 topics)

For players and parents that have moved on to college and professional baseball

Pre-High School Pre-High School (919 topics)
Last Post 4/8/14 5:04 PM on Contacting HS coach with question...
Ladies Only Ladies Only (692 topics)

In memory of FutureBack.Mom...the ultimate Baseball Mom, beloved friend, caring advisor, loving mother, wife, and daughter, who will be greatly missed and always remembered. GENTLEmen are invited; enter at your own risk.

Last Post 3/14/14 7:58 PM on cleaning pants
Men Only Men Only (332 topics)
This forum is for Men Only. Players and Women, please stay away -- there are plenty of forums for you to post in.
Last Post 12/21/13 5:21 PM on What if women like football more than men?
For Players Only For Players Only (669 topics)
This forum is for high school aged Players Only -- Parents please stay away -- There are plenty of forums for you to post in
Last Post 2 days ago on Things Baseball Players Say
The Mental Game The Mental Game (55 topics)
Last Post 4/22/14 10:27 AM on Player Confidence
Coaches Tips Coaches Tips (1,256 topics)

Information exchange between coaches

Last Post 4/15/14 5:05 PM on Some "Runner at 3rd" situational discussion
Ask The Umpire Ask The Umpire (2,400 topics)

Questions and Answers about high school baseball rules Moderators: Michael S. Taylor and piaa_ump

Last Post 1 hour ago on Scoring a rain shortened Game
Strength & Conditioning Strength & Conditioning (539 topics)

Get advice and opinions on baseball-specific conditioning and strength training

Last Post 4/22/14 11:02 AM on Best strength program for pitchers?
Hitting Hitting (1,323 topics)

Discuss hitting skills and mechanics

Last Post 4/22/14 7:21 PM on Getting jammed
Pitching and Throwing Pitching and Throwing (1,487 topics)

All about pitching and throwing mechanics and skills

Last Post 2 days ago on used dvds
Catching Catching (568 topics)

Discuss the skills and tools of the masked guy behind the plate

Last Post 4/13/14 7:19 PM on Hitting Catcher Pop Ups
Fielding & Defense Fielding & Defense (213 topics)
Discuss infield & outfield skills, defensive plays and strategies, etc.
Statistics & Scorekeeping Statistics & Scorekeeping (511 topics)
What does this stat mean? Do stats mean anything? And how do I score that?
Last Post 1 day ago on Too hot to handle
Injuries and Recovery Injuries and Recovery (124 topics)
Are you or your son dealing with a baseball injury? Or do you have insights to share from your injury experience?
Last Post 3/21/14 11:15 PM on Elbow pain ucl sprain
Field Maintenance Field Maintenance (98 topics)
Questions and advice about maintaining and building baseball fields
Last Post 4/21/14 3:10 PM on High School Baseball Fields
Northwest Forum Northwest Forum (95 topics)
The great Pacific northwest
Northeast Forum Northeast Forum (1,245 topics)

New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Last Post 3 hours ago on 2014 Season New Hampshire Season
Mid Atlantic Forum Mid Atlantic Forum (318 topics)

South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, and D.C.

Midwest Forum Midwest Forum (463 topics)
Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota
Last Post 1/6/14 10:51 AM on Seeking State Directors
Great Lakes Forum Great Lakes Forum (106 topics)
If the state touches one of the great lakes it fits in here
Last Post 3/17/14 8:54 AM on Seniors Still Unsigned
Sunbelt Forum Sunbelt Forum (167 topics)
New Mexico, Arizona, etc....... in general the area known as "4 corners"
Last Post 2/14/14 7:57 AM on North Texas Beast 18u - Pitching
Southeast Forum Southeast Forum (205 topics)
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas
Canadian Forum Canadian Forum (133 topics)


Last Post 4/11/14 12:38 PM on Summer youth baseball tournaments
Alabama Forum Alabama Forum (136 topics)
The Yellowhammer State
Last Post 10/14/13 5:22 PM on Huntsville, Alabama Showcase
California Forum California Forum (269 topics)
Last Post 1 day ago on Noah Lowry Tournaments
Florida Forum Florida Forum (664 topics)
Georgia Forum Georgia Forum (56 topics)
Moderator: YoungGunDad
Last Post 3/24/14 2:02 PM on Top travel programs in Georgia.
Illinois Forum Illinois Forum (2,184 topics)
Last Post 4 hours ago on 2014 Scores
Indiana Forum Indiana Forum (56 topics)
Last Post 1/24/14 6:08 PM on Looking for college players
Maryland Forum Maryland Forum (802 topics)
Last Post 4/8/14 9:17 PM on Baltimore 2 day pitching program...
North Carolina Forum North Carolina Forum (299 topics)
Moderators: 02^04Mom
Last Post 2/5/14 3:51 PM on Dynamic Skills Combine - 5/18
OH/KY/PA/WV Forum OH/KY/PA/WV Forum (87 topics)

Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Baseball Forum

Moderators: ClevelandDad, lafmom, orioles42

Last Post 3/31/14 9:48 PM on 'Walking Dead'
Tennessee Forum Tennessee Forum (722 topics)
Moderators: fungo, HiwasseeVol, hsbbweb, Tenndad
Last Post 3/18/14 8:08 AM on Hardin Valley Academy
Texas Forum Texas Forum (6,229 topics)

Moderators: Bighit15, Panther Dad

Virginia Forum Virginia Forum (2,979 topics)

Moderator: redbird5

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