2011 MLB Catcher Demographics

I was curious what the average MLB catcher was like so I did some research. What is the average height, weight, salary, did he go to HS/College, etc.

I've posted a video on YouTube that goes over the demographics of MLB catchers from opening day 2011. Hope you enjoy!

2011 MLB Catcher Demographics

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Thanks for the gathering and analyzing that data. I agree with you that the average salary calculation is not as informative because of the outliers. It would be probably be more representative if you dropped the top and bottom three to five numbers and found the average of the remaining salaries. The median (middle) salary and the mode (most common) salary would also help round out the picture.

I wonder how those compare to other non-pitching positions.

Thanks again. Very interesting.
Originally posted by twotex:
Xan, I really enjoyed the presentation.

for the catchers/parents of catchers - Xan has great information on his website. I "like" him on Facebook so I keep up with the updates.

Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words! It means a lot that people notice the effort that I put into this!
thanks xan i appreciate your efforts preparing this slide show and i enjoyed it very much.i have a son starting his 4th season in milb spring training and this report hits home for us here at the house.we have alot of hope.

always enjoy reading catching posts

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