2015 RHP and 3rd Baseman

New to the site, but been reading and hopefully learning for years.


Back ground:


2015 RHP and 3rd basemen who had a lot of success this past year on the mound for top high school.  District Pitcher of the Year, 1st Team All-State, and local honors that far exceeded what anyone of us (including his coaches) would have expected.


Played this summer for top program and had exposure at many events.  Have "heard" that numerous (D1) programs have contacted the organization with regards to him.


Several (D1) programs have contacted the high school coach inferring about the boy.


Recently we've had the boy select 25 schools that he would be interested in (of course, he basically picked the top 25 programs in the nation).  So we had him pick 25 more that he would consider if the elite were not hot on his door step. 


He then proceeded to send "introductory" emails to the recruiting coordinators of these 50 programs expressing his interest.  The email included his academic highlights (good student and student council member), a link to his youtube page that shows him pitching and hitting, and links to "major" articles in a large metropolitan newspaper about him, as well as his statistical highlights, and goals in baseball and life.


In the 4 days since he sent them, he has recieved a response from most of them (40 or so)...........some of them "canned", some of them wanting to "keep in touch", and others with invites to their camps (some of these were personalized also).


Needless to say, obviously he can not attend ALL the camps, nor can we logistically attend a camp in Michigan on a short weekend during school.


We are done with fall baseball (school and fall team), and had really thought about shutting it down for the remainder of the year and really focusing on conditioning for the remainder of the year.


Both high school coach and summer coach believe that while "he has not received the love" that others have (he has only hit 86), he has done enough to be on most of the radars of the schools around here and surrounding areas, especially for approaching a junior season.


We do plan on visiting some schools over the Thanksgiving holiday week, and if someone is in the baseball office, we'll arrange a visit, otherwise we'll just tour on our own.  We think that there are about 6 that we can hit on our trip to relatives.


The question is, what do we do now?  Have we done enough going into next spring?  If not, what more can we do.   


Thanks for your help.

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Welcome 2015! Sounds to me that your son is on the right path. I can tell you from experience that it's a slow dance. Than, all at once, it turns into a fast dance. Enjoy the ride, but know that it will be painful.


My son's pitching coach (16 yrs. MLB) always had him shut down in the fall, 2-3 month. However, he did continue to train and condition, just no throwing. Turns out to have been good advice.


Have your son visit as many schools as he can. It's great practice for when it really counts. It will also give him some insight to draw from of what kind of school he likes.

We would go by schools, take a tour on our own, and have our son find the baseball office and he would walk in and introduce himself. In almost every case he well received. He would give them a baseball/academic resume.


As he got closer to his Junior year. He would now reach out to coaches and set appointments. In most cases, this worked out as well.


I wouldn't worry too much about the love thing, it will come. The 90 plus guys get the early love. I know of a few kids that were their (86mph) at his age and are playing college ball today. My son topped out at 85-87 junior year. Although he's a lefty, he didn't much love until the summer after junior year.


Lastly, since he's not a 90 plus guy right now, make sure his grades are the best they can be. That will give many other opportunities.  My son was able to secure academic money because of his grades/test scores.


Good luck!





Few D1 college coaches are looking for pitchers that can play other positions, so you may need to decide if he's a college pitcher or position player before attending camps or speaking to coaches.


If your son is a position player he doesn't really have the luxory of shutting down his bat in the offseason, its a year round process to improve the swing and keep it sharp.  My son, a position player would hit 5-6 days a week in the offseason.  I think he only threw 3 days a week.


btw  IMHO contacting 50 schools is about 40 to many to start the process with.

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