2017 College Season

BackstopDad32 posted:

SUDS.  Congrats to your son.  Who is he playing with this summer?  My son is headed that way in a couple of weeks to finish season with Cowlitz.  

Playing for Port Angeles. This is their 1st year.  They spun off of the old Kitsap Bluejackets (he played for them last year), which had 0 funding.  This team is trying to figure things out, working through housing, they fired their announcer/score keeper during the first game (which has the stats all screwed up) and we only get the opposing teams radio feed now, but he likes his teammates and being part of a new team.  He was going to go to Alaska, but he had already signed a contract for WCL and didn't want to break his commitment.

He actually heads to Cowlitz this weekend for 3 games.

Suds posted:

My son just got word that he was named to the JUCO D2 All-American team (2nd team).  His coach said he is one of only 4 closers that he knows of that have made the All-American team since 2000.  

He is up in Washington state this summer played in the West Coast League


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