2018 Commits

I haven't put pencil to paper, but my impression is that there are a high number of 2018 quality prospects committing to many major programs out of the Commonwealth, more than in the past at this stage of the recruiting cycle. Are we looking at a bumper crop?

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Thanks, you beat me to it!

Tried to PM you, but the system would not allow me to for some reason.  Sorry about posting that, should have thought it through + not stole your thunder.  Tucker is a very talented player, I was truly excited for him (my wife went to WVU).  He's robbed my boy of more than just one hit before.  Keep up the great work with the young men!

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Congrats to DSB Dodgers and SJC HS  LHP/OF Zach Tsakounis on his commitment to Wake Forest. Quality arm  and quality bat.

My understanding is Zach committed to William + Mary last Friday - Go Tribe!

Whoa! No!  William and Mary won't do, now.

I wonder how many people here have no idea what that comment was about.

I was actually on campus back in the day, when the student government organized the playing of that song on the campus radio station, and asked everyone to open their windows and crank it up all at once.  (Honestly, it didn't make a dent.  But it was a fun thought.)

Several reputable scouting agencies and publications have indicated that the 2018 high school class is supposed to be one of the strongest in many, many years.  There are a number of 2018s from the New England area who have committed to strong SEC and ACC  baseball programs, many more than in recent years.  May bode well for the MLB draft as well.

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