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hi all,

does anyone know of any Boarding Schools that cater to baseball for high school boys. I am being assigned overseas so my son can go anywhere to school. its an awesome benefit but he struggles a bit academically but hits the baseball out of the park!

any advice would really help this mom out.

thank you
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I haven't 'vetted' this list personally but it could be a good starting point. I got it from a colleague.
Mostly up here in New England.

Some of these are pretty competitive in academics, however a few might be a good place to take a struggling student and lift him up to his potential.

The two I know that fall into that latter category are Trinity-Pawling (NY) and Cheshire (CT). Also I think Gunnery 9also CT) can work well for that kind of student.

AOF, Loomis and Canterbury are stronger academics.

Folks on this board might chime in to add and comment. it would be a good list to develop.

Avon Old Farms
St Stephens (TX)
Trinity Pawling
New Hampton
Cheshire Academy
Loomis Chaffee
Riverside Military

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It just occurred to me that it can be easy to miss a private message if you're new to the site.

A close friend is on IMG's baseball staff. I sent you his contact information right after you posted your inquiry. He'd be delighted to acquaint you with their program.

Just click the ""New PM!" link in the green bar above this thread to access my earlier message.

Best wishes to both you and your son!
Originally posted by Mark B:
The above listed schools are strong academically and most are suspect baseball wise. If you want a true baseball school year round or at least from September to May that your best bet is IMG in Bradenton, FL.

Wow that seems pretty broad brush to characterize them as suspect baseball wise. I would hope the OP is keeping priorities straight and looking for good academics with good baseball.

I have two friends who recently went down this path. One did extensive research for his baseball talented but academically challenged child and decided to enroll him at Avon Old Farms. They are pleased to date and the player is getting good baseball attention from colleges.

The second forked out roughly $50Gs a year on IMG where the focus seems to be primarily baseball with academics mixed in. They left two years into the high school experience there though I can't say what the reason was.

OP needs to consider what his primary goal is, but I wouldn't broadbrush that list of schools as being 'baseball suspect'. Sounds far too negative and questionable given the long list.
Wow thank you to all of your for you guidance and suggestions. When i posted i didn't think my question would warrant any interest so i am pleasantly surprised. Glad to know that there is a supportive group of folks on this site. With that said, the task is quite daunting. i will be heading overseas for two years and cant take my son with me. So as a single Mom i need to find a place he will feel comfortable at and be successful. i will be checking out all the schools recommended but kind of leaning toward the IMG school as a first stop. thank you all so much. Janine
Redsox and others thanks for chiming in, to keep an open mind about traditional boarding schools vs IMG.

Honestly, although he might crush the ball a country mile, he is still a young man (child? you didn't say what grade).

He will be facing lots of changes in his life and lots of great opportunities certainly, but IMG may or may not be the right answer. It of course is one avenue to explore.

If you want some broader advice,
I've send you a PM.... its too long for this board.

But you came to the right place to start your research. And, yes IMG from what I have heard is a great place to develop baseball players.

Good luck-

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