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What size would you recommend for someone who is 6 feet tall, weighs around 155, and has a normal armspan for their height. I'm looking towards getting a 33/30 or a 34/31. I used a 32/29 last year and I find I turn on the ball too quickly with it.
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im 16 years old 5'9 and 155. I use a 33/30 and its the perfect one for me. I would suggest you get this size. And about turning "too quick" that's not a bad thing at all, but if you don't like it a 33/30 would help and i think you could handle it well

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I had a Rawling Liquid Metal 2. They got good pop, but the durability on them is horrible, the first one I had, went dead in one of my at bats during, are State Championship game for babe ruth (Lasted 3 and 1/2 months). Luckly I still had a warranty so I got a new one. Also the really not important and has no effect, but the paint chips really easly. But I guess $100 is a good price for one now.
34 inches may be too long. I got one of Jason Kendall's at spring training 2 years ago and he uses a 32 1/2 inch bat. Ryan Doumit uses a 33 inch and Ryan is a big boy so, in my opinion, 34 inches would be too long. I use a 32/24 and I choke way down, one finger off the bottom of the knob, I like turning on the ball as fast a possible. Why would you wanna slow you bat-speed down? After all that's why you do that 10-10 20-20 drill, to increase you bat-speed, getting a bat that is too heavy kind of defeats the purpose don't you think?
im not sure where u heard the bigger the bat the farther the ball goes ,but im pretty sure that is incorrect. Power is all about bat speed ,and the longer the bat the slower the bat speed will be. Why do u think most major leagures use 32 to 33. Its not because they aren't big enough to swing anything longer. They dont want to sacrifice bat speed.

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