Batting Out Of Order


Due up  3 - 4 - 5.

4 bats hits a double.

3 bats grounds out - 4 advances to 3rd

5 at the plate  0-1 count when defense recognizes the out of order.

Now since a pitch was thrown I know that 3 is the last legal batter.  So due up in the box should be 4 with an 0-1 count.   But 4 is standing on 3rd base.

We ended up putting 3 on 3rd, 4 in the box with an 0-1 count.  After discussing with my partner and reading the rule, I am sure no out should have been awarded, but not sure putting 3 on 3rd was correct.   

Should 5 have remained at the plate?

The kicker ... the defense knew the out of order before 5 got to the plate... but decided to wait till the first pitch because the tournament director told them that was the correct procedure the previous night.


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Thinking through it, I'm pretty sure 5 is the correct batter, no action to be taken.

The appeal should have been when 4 got on base. Then 3 would be out.  Since that wasn't appealed before the next batter received a pitch, he remains on base.  Then there could have been an appeal that 3 was in the wrong position after he completed his at bat because 5 should have been up.  However, by not appealing before a pitch to 5 - that opportunity is lost.

As soon as a pitch is thrown - all previous out of order batters become legalized. The only batters you really need to worry about are the one just up and the one currently up. The current batter is never the one you call out - you call out who didn't bat in the proper spot.

In your scenario, 3 could have been called out for not batting in his turn, but only after 4 completed his at bat. At that point 4 should have been up again, with his previous hit nullified. He should have then been followed by 5. However 3 batted in his spot, so in theory 5 could be called out if there was an appeal.

Since there was no timely appeal, you have 3 as now being legalized and should be followed by 4.  The monkey wrench - 4 is on base.  In that case, he is skipped in order - and the next batter comes to the plate. In your case that's 5.


For FED read 7-1-1, NOTE:

You should have left B4 at 3rd and kept B5 up...  Essentially when an improper batter is on base and the defense finally recognizes things, you pick up with the order with the proper legitimized batter, except if he's on base then you pick up with whomever follows him. If that batter is on base too, then whomever follows him or perhaps more easily whomever follows the "highest number order batter on base". One would hope you don't get too far down the order before someone notices; otherwise things get really crazy.  IIRC, the MLB rule is similar - I'm just too lazy to walk to get the rulebook.

Yes -- keep 4 on base and keep 5 at the plate.  Continue the order from there. When the proper batter is on base, he is skipped over, and teh following batter becomes the proper batter.

The last play in OBR under the BOO rule has a play similar to yours.


All codes are the same on this.

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