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Kevin A posted:

List in your opinion who you believe the best catching coaches are in the NE.  Located in PA but can cover NJ, DE, MD.

catcher is 14 almost 15.



If you're willing to go a little bit further than MD, you should definitely check out Jay Weaver at  He's in Charlottesville, VA. I take my son to see him and we're in NYC and its always worth the trip.

The Catching Camp was founded by the late Coach Dave Weaver when he recognized that instruction for the toughest position on the field was generally unavailable to players committed to playing the catcher position.

My name is Jay Weaver and I am the Owner/Co-Founder of The Catching Camp. I know from my own experience that over the years it has been difficult to find instruction that dealt specifically with catching. My brother and I attended numerous Pitching/Catching Camps when we were younger only to find out that there was not much instruction for the catchers. Our main purpose was to be there to catch the pitchers.

We have spent many many years learning the position, the skills and drills that will enable an athlete to become an excellent catcher if they choose to put in the training time. Our curriculum for instructing catchers offers a comprehensive training program for this position - permitting catchers to follow an unparalleled progression of instruction through several levels of receiving, blocking, throwing, fielding, handling pitchers and calling the game.

We now work with catchers all around the country, youth ages all the way up to the NCAA Div. 1 and Professional ranks, close to 365 days a year.

Our year-round programs consist of camps and clinics around the country as well as private 1-on-1 lessons, live or via video analysis. If you have a catcher in the family and are looking for some position specific instruction then we believe The Catching Camp is for you.

Kevin A posted:

Jay Weaver-


Should I reach out on your main website?

I'm not Jay Weaver. I'm a supporter. I used to chat with his dad Jeff (who died way too young). What he believed and taught was consistent with what a MLB Gold Glove catcher taught my son in a few lessons. Had my son caught past LL I would have sent him to Weaver's camp. 

Gotcha-  Just looking for the "next level" up coaching.  T can and does call his own games, but while they continue to stress the blocking, framing and footwork, we want someone to also work on the mental part of the position and to teach the experiences learned at levels we havent seen yet..

I am going to reach out to him for sure...



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