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Ok ladies, I nearly resurrected the "getting white pants clean" thread, but I thought I'd start a new one instead. Has anyone had any luck getting brick dust out of white pants? The parents on catcher #1's team were all talking and we have tried: Tide, shout, spray and wash dual action, oxy type cleaners, clorox 2, cascade, and lots of scrubbing but are still having a hard time with the last traces of stain on these pants. We are contemplating using Rit dye remover on them and I thought I would see what all of the other mothers here have tried and if anything is successful (and hopefully easy. As always, thanks so much for the input!
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I use AWESOME it is found in dollar stores it is a spray I have had great success with it works great on white leather sneakers, washed stained chocolate stain and of coarse great on white baseball pants also great for the top of the washing machine that you have to scrub to get the excess soap off. If you can't find it let me know I'll pick it up for you and ship it to you.
I hope I can find the "Awesome" stuff also. Did you know that if you wash gray pants with enough bleach and other stain removers, mixed with "baked on and caked on" red dirt clay, the pants will turn a pretty shade of pink? My son was not too impressed, but I sure had a good laugh picturing him on the field in those pretty shade of pink pants. Glad he had an extra pair for the next day.
Hypothetically, if I were a mom, I'd get a bar of Fels Naptha, soak the stained pants in water, rub the bar of FN on the stained area and then scrub it with a small hand brush, let it stand for about 15 minutes then throw them in the washer as normal....hypothetically of course.

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Where would I get Fels Naptha? My problem is my son sweats like no one else I know. He is soaked 5 minutes after he is on the field (the 95 degrees and 100% humidity could have something to do with it). Once he is soaked, then slides, the red clay dirt is ground into the pants.
Fels Naptha can be found at many local grocery stores. I'd never heard of it before until I read about it on this site but it works great. Just like Beezer said, wet the stain, rub it on and use a little elbow grease. I've even gotten out stains that have been dried in. I bought bars for many moms on our team. Good luck!
I also use Fels Naptha on the white was recommended on this forum previously. I spray the pants with the garden hose as soon as we get them home, rub the bar soap into the stains (pretty much the whole pair of pants--son is a catcher!) and then use a scrub brush. After that, I throw them in the washing machine. It works better than anything else I have tried, even on our southern red mud! I ordered the Fels Naptha online, but I have seen it since in some grocery stores.
We ordered from Mast General Store. Kroger had it in our area, no longer stocks it.

I don't like getting it on my hands so use gloves. I have to admire pudgemom31's dedication! If I had a catcher, pants wouldn't come in the house either. Smile Since my son isn't a catcher he throws his pants in the bath tub once he is done. Then I go in with the soap.
Wow! I posted last night right before I went to bed and today I am full of responses! I love this place!

I am going to try the Fels Naptha, I have some here and I hadn't tried it yet. I also am going to try Borax and AWESOME as soon as I can find it.

Beez--my apologies....I certainly didn't mean to exclude the men who bravely enter here. : )

Louisiana09--my son is a big sweat monster too. His uniforms are completely disgusting when he gets off of the field.

Pudgemom31--I feel your pain with scrubbing the whole pair of pants......

55mom--I LOVE the idea of new pants every game!!!
Originally posted by mom of 2 catchers:
I am going to try the Fels Naptha, I have some here and I hadn't tried it yet. I also am going to try Borax and AWESOME as soon as I can find it.

Beez--my apologies....I certainly didn't mean to exclude the men who bravely enter here. : )

Mom - I'm thinking that if you try the Fels Naptha methods that I and others mentioned, you wont need to find/try Borax or'll have clean white pants. Search on here for "Fels Naptha" and you'll find another discussion where I mentioned the great lengths I went through to get red clay stains out of a pair of game pants. Then I tried the Fels Naptha and ....VIOLA....white again!

And no slight taken. Wink
I've used this since my husband played softball. Then when my oldest became a catcher he can REALLY get nasty and since my yongesty has slid every time he gets on base (Yes he slides when he dose'nt need to) I use Tilex. Spray it on, leave it for 5 minutes, throw the pants inthe washer and 90 per cent of the time they come clean./ If not jsut repeat
My son also sweats terrible. His coaches say they have never seen someone who sweats as bad as he does. We started taking his white pants to the car wash. We hang them were you are supposed to hang mats and spray them. It is amazing how much clay and dirt comes out. It has really helped and does not damage the pants.
tigermom5--Welcome to HSBBW! Now, you have been a member since January and this is your 2nd post---so.....I am guessing you were a lurker for a while. Glad you came out of your shell!! I lurked for a LONG time but now I can't seem to shut up here.

What part of MO are you from? I'm right smack dab here in the middle.
Catcher Moms, MO Moms. Well, I'm the former, born and raised in STL, so feel right at home.

Fels Naptha is wonderful, and you get the added bonus of feeling as if you've just time-traveled back to 1955.

The orange-y in the field clay and the bricks comes fromt the iron content. I found soaking the pants in a solution of Iron Out was extremely helpful.

But catcher's pants will never look like the OFers'.....

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