Catch of the YEAR!

DesertDuck posted:

Made by a Little Leaguer:


I saw this live and in this respect (as incredible as it is) the replay doesn't do justice to what happened afterwards.  This was my favorite part. After the catch the kid got up, brushed himself off, smoothed back his lettuce, and acted like it was no big deal. You know, like only a 14 year old can.

They were discussing last night on the MLB network. apparently if any part of you body is in the field of play while you catch the ball it is an out. kind of like the foul balls when a guy goes 2 rows deep and lands on people but his feet are still over the field

If you go on the Watch ESPN app, then Sports & Events, then LLWS, that days games, previous games and highlights are available. You can watch most games in about 60, 70 minutes fast forwarding through the 60 second ads.

FriarFred posted:

Great catch but why was it considered an out and not a home run?  The player and ball were both out of the field of play?  I may have missed the reasoning and not sure what the rules state in that situation

If you jump from live-ball territory, and catch the ball before you touch dead-ball territory, it's a catch.  Any runners in this situation would have been awarded one base (unless this was the third out).

It's not like football where you have to get one or two (depending on the code) feet back inbounds to have a legal catch.

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