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My catcher wants to go back to a skull cap. I was at a tournament this past weekend and the opposing catcher was using one until the ump made him switch. Somebody mentioned a rule change prohibiting skull caps. Can someone give me some guidance/clarification? thanks...
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Originally posted by schwammi:
Can someone give me some guidance/clarification? thanks...

Sure can.....

NFHS Rule 1-5-3/4
The catcher must wear a head protector, shin guards, body protector, protective cup and a mask with a throat protector. Rule 1-5-3

The throat protector, which is either part of or attached to the mask, must adequately protect him.
Rule 1-5-4


The helmet must have full ear protection (dual ear flaps)


The catchers helmet must bear the NOCSAE seal of approval. Hockey style masks that meet the NOCSAE standards are legal. A skull cap helmet-mask combination is ILLEGAL because it has no protection for the ears....

Your catcher will have to wait until College ball to wear the skull and mask.....
It is more than they just have to have ear protection, the helmet and mask have to be NOCSAE approved AS A UNIT. I know you were kidding, but if you wanted to have a helmet that had earflaps that you could put a mask over, they would have to get tested and approved together. That's why everyone uses the hockey style now, because it is tested and approved as a unit
Originally posted by Mattalbert25:
I think its rediculous, I use the old school catchers mask in my Travel league, and i prefer it ten times more than hockey style. The hockey style is big and bulky and heavy while the old school is light and versatile

Then talk to your state's athletic association. I'm sure there are procedures you can go through to ask for a rule change.

Don't hold your breath, though.

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