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Could someone guide me to the rules on how many coaches are allowed to be paid at the NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA, and their respective divisions (I, II,III)? 

Also, what type of employees are they? Do they receive benefits?

So many people are "hush hush" about their finances; I have a solid understanding of what they are paid. I just need to know the legalities of hiring coaches and their pay status. 

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Great question.

If you don't mind me tagging along, Coach, I would love to also see included how volunteer student coaches and grad assistants make money (I know that camps are a big part of the equation, but other detail and more specifics would be of interest).

In the NCAA's Division I, only 3 baseball coaches may be paid from whatever sources conventionally pay a university's coaches. I put it this way because the sources and their relative proportions can vary from school-to-school. For example, it's not unusual for state universities to pay their coaches from a combination of both state-funded and booster-funded sources.

The fourth coach (sometimes referred to as the "volunteer assistant" or "third assistant,") must be paid from other sources. As suggested in the original post, camps usually foot the lion's share of the "volunteer assistant's" compensation. However, at universities that receive sizable contracts from equipment manufacturers, it's not unusual to see the Head Baseball Coach direct a portion of his share of those funds to the "third assistant," as well. In any case, the funds earmarked for the "third assistant" are almost always coming at the sole discretion of the Head Coach.

These assistant coaches also often benefit from advantageous housing arrangements; and they frequently supplement their incomes with appearances as instructors at baseball clinics. 

In any event, while no "volunteer assistant" that I know of is going to live in the lap of luxury and the job is to be viewed much more as a "ticket" to be "punched" than a means of living comfortably, the term "volunteer" is a misnomer.

To get around the rules, some schools are adding a "Director of Baseball Player Development."  As I understand it, they cannot have any hands on contact with the players.  But, they can do pretty much anything else to take some of the workload off of the 3 paid coaches.  For example, they study film and develop plans to improve players' pitching, hitting, conditioning, etc.  Not sure how they are getting paid.

Lake is actually a full fledged assistant this year. They have hired another guy to be Director of Player Development.  

Many of them also generate money from private lessons using school facilities.  The camps and clinics sometimes are "I will take care of your volunteer if you take care of mine."  Many of these camps where you see the statement that this school and that school will be represented, it is by the volunteer.  They can give them free room and also meal plans.

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This is AWESOME info! I trust what you're telling. Still, is there any link to the rulebooks stating these things?

What type of program are you coaching if not NAIA, NCAA or NJCAA?

I have noticed looking at employment for coaches, in NAIA and D3, D2, and I imagine others, a stipend is given and or free graduation credits.  

Last year at sons program a D2, only 3 paid coaches were allowed.  My son was the recruiting coach, the other paid assistant was receiving 25k plus benefits and he also ran the JV program.The unpaid assistants were finishing up their degrees. You cannot be a paid coach without a degree.

Most new to coaching start out as unpaid assistants, in all programs. Their experience determines how fast they will move to a paid position. 




Club Sports are "operated by the students" but we take it differently.

We are sanctioned, in the sense that participating in the NCBA constitutes as seasons of competition against NJCAA, NAIA, and NCAA athletic eligibility. One of the more difficulties for us recruiting student athletes.

Even though I have essentially built our program with my bare hands, I would love to be on staff somewhere with the resources and things afforded to coaches that make it worthwhile.

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