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Son's team is heading to NM in a couple of weeks so I just did a search but there isn't much posted recently. Has anyone been out there over the past couple of years? I didn't realize it was a big event...just thought it was another tournament.  Trying to decide if it's a "must-go" before I start looking at flights. Any feedback you have would be appreciated. 

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Son played in LL State championship games, 5 rounds deep in HS playoffs 3 years, at East Cobb, and at Fort Myers.  Got to play in Farmington and said it was the best baseball experience that he'd had at that time in his life and the team that he went and pitched went 0-2 (he lost 1st game 2-1 to eventual champions) on a 3 hitter.  Go. Go. Go.

Gasping for air, maybe, but not quite gone. My kid has played for a CN team the last couple years. Most of the players are either at a Juco or on their way to one. It's mainly about getting reps and having fun.  But now and then we do see a few college coaches at games.

We will be going for the first time in a couple weeks.  We just joined this TT this summer and is a team that has gone every year for at least the past 15 years and won the tournament quite a few times.  Parents on this team who have been there last year or so highly recommend it and is a special experience for the boys.  Note that this year the format is a little different in that 3 pool play games complete first over the Sat/Sun first weekend to determine what 10 or so teams go to double elimination rounds starting on Tuesday.  So, there will be a handful of teams that will be done Sunday night.  In years past all teams were in double elim so nobody went home quite that early.

Son has been twice and it is an amazing experience for the players. I went first year, didn't go last year.  It is definitely worth the trip.  Very cool how the town basically shuts down for this event.  His team has won it each of last two years (last year they shared the title due to rain out with game tied).

If you do go, I'd recommend that you stay in Durango.  There isn't much to do in Farmington, and due to the format, you may sit all day waiting for their game in the evening.  That said, the format changes this year as they've added teams and now have pool play to determine who advances to the bracket.  In years past, it was a straight double elimination bracket.  Also on that note, during pool play, teams are staying in hotels.  They only move in with host families if they advance to bracket.  Again, a departure from past years where every team immediately join host families for the week.

Son's team has always flown into Albuquerque.  CM has bus pick them up and drive them to Farmington.  There is typically a large contingent awaiting them when they arrive at the civic center (HS cheerleaders escort each player in arm in arm, etc).  There they would meet their host families and "move in".  They would have a parade and then opening ceremonies, then play would begin the next evening.  In the past, they wouldn't play any day games during weekdays.  They'd wait for everyone to get off work.  All games were played in Ricketts Park.  All games were streamed online (pay per view) and were also audio streamed free via the local Christian radio station.

If he goes this year (his team is going, it's just a matter if his schedule can allow it), I may go out, but with the new pool play format, it's a crapshoot, so still undecided.  He has a second family in his host family.  He has stayed with them twice and they have come out each of the past two years to watch him play a HS game (they've been hosting about 15 years, so have players in MLB, MiLB, College and HS and make a spring trip east every year to see as many of their "kids" as they can).

If you have any questions at all, feel free to PM me and I'll give you as much info as you want.

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My son's team is in So Cal this weekend for the qualifier....if they make it we are for sure going!

I was going to PM you to ask what team he is with, but either you have PM turned off, or I said something that prompted you to block me. If it's the latter, sorry!!!

JCG;   best wishes for your son and the Santa Rosa Connie Mack Team!

Joe Cooper, the founder of Connie Mack and AABC was my mentor for the Area Code games. During the Area Code games in August, we adjusted the games to provide opportunities for the players, who played at Farmington to join their AC teams in Long Beach after the Connie Mack World Series.


Thanks for the replies.  After researching flights, there is no way we'd be able to swing it so we will be streaming from home and cheering.  Looks like our guys will be piling into vans and making the 24+ hour trip across the country.  A team has never made it from our organization, or area for that matter.  Pretty exciting stuff!  Who knows if they'll even make it out of pool play but I know they'll have a great time.

On another note, if you see a kid walking around in duct taped cleats, he is not poor (he has a new pair in his bag), they are just his lucky cleats.  Cheer extra loud for him please.  Or just walk up to him, lean in and whisper "your mom said change your cleats", that would really mess with him, lol!

Louise posted:

My son's team made it out of pool play and the final eight are set: So Cal Renegades, Nashville Knights, Midland Redskins, DBat Elite, DBat 17, Florida Legends, Danville Hoots, East Cobb Yankees. Having a great time in Farmington!!!

Sounds awesome!  I'm about 49% jealous that my  kid's team didn't make it, and 51% glad that he's home and able to work out, make money, and spend time with family and friends before he leaves for college.  Plus the wisdom teeth are coming out next week!  I'm not sure we could afford both that and another trip!

Louise posted:

My son's team made it out of pool play and the final eight are set: So Cal Renegades, Nashville Knights, Midland Redskins, DBat Elite, DBat 17, Florida Legends, Danville Hoots, East Cobb Yankees. Having a great time in Farmington!!!

Congrats to your son! Mine is out and about 7 hours into the 27 hour drive home. The guys didn't make it out of pool play but enjoyed the experience. 

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