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Texas HS game.  Last night we had a strange play that i am not sure was called properly.  Bottom of 6th and our team in field.  Runner on 2nd with 2 outs.  Batter swings at 3rd strike and is hit in chest or shoulder by ball (no contact or foul ball).  Ball bounds up the 3rd base line after hitting batter.  Batter turns and runs toward 1st (as if a dropped 3rd strike).  No call thus far by umpire.  Catcher gets ball and makes a hurried throw to 1st which is over the head of 1st baseman.  Runner from 2nd scores on the "throw down".  Umpires talk, batter out end of inning team runs into dugout.  Umpires talk again, change call to live ball.  Run scores (and is counted) batter safe at 1st.  Team has to come back out onto field to get another out.  What is the correct call.  I found MLB rule that batter is out, dead ball but am trying to find out high school rule.  Anyone have insight into this? 

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Two things to look at:

NFHS 8-1-1: (When batter becomes a runner)

d. a pitched ball hits his person or clothing, provided he does not strike at the ball; or
1. If he permits the pitched ball to touch him (7-3-4), or if the umpire calls the pitched
ball a strike, the hitting of the batter is disregarded except that the ball is dead. It is a
strike or ball depending on location of the pitch.


5-1-1: (Dead Ball)

ART. 1 . . . Ball becomes dead immediately when:
a. a pitch touches a batter or his clothing (8-1-1d), a runner (8-3-1a);
1. The ball becomes dead even though the batter strikes at it (8-1-1d).


So, the ball is dead. Pitch is a strike. Batter is out. Umpires go to remedial training.


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I do. And I don't know how to without using language that would get me banned.

I find numbers, atrisks, dollar signs and the like are helpful in situations like this :-)

I'm a senior NCO. It's not the actual words, it's how I put them together with other words. I'd have to replace 80% of the letters.

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