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I’ve followed HSBBW for a couple years now and really appreciate the insight provided.  I have a 2015 RHP.  We’re just starting the recruiting process and have a question. 


It seems like the big D1 schools do most of their recruiting the fall of junior year – especially pitchers.  I see a lot of info on 2015’s verbally committing to this or that big school.  My son is close but not at the level yet that he would be noticed and heavily recruited by a D1.  Needs to gain about 4 on his fast ball.  He should be there a year from now.  Is it the case that most big D1’s have their recruiting wrapped up by fall of Jr year or is it just my imagination?  Are there still opportunities at D1’s through senior year?  I’m not talking about maybe a few opportunities, like draft may open up a few spots, or whatever, I’m talking about the majority of the spots.  Should our focus be on good JUCO’s and D2’s since we may have missed the D1 window?

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Do you feel like you missed the "big D1" window or the entire "D1" window?


There are plenty of opportunities to get signed outside of the fall season of your son's jr year by big and small D1's.  If a school wants your son, they will find a way.


The recruiting  issue for a HS RHP is velocity....

From what I see in Ohio, Lots of opportunites for D1 yet for a 2015. My son 2014 RHP just committed a few weeks ago to a D1. I will say he was a very late D1 signee for pitchers. What I saw is that a lot of the D1 pitchers committ summer between Junior and Senior year. I think it depends on what level of D1. If you are talking top 25-30 programs and your son is top 15 or so in Ohio at least, you will be committed earlier than that. Maybe be even more in states such as CA, FL, TX, GA for example, while from what I have seen of states like KY, or WI for example there is even a longer time frame. Might be my imagination, but that is what I see.

As others have said it is all about velocity and projectability. There is still D1 recruiting going on all the way up to the start of school for pitchers in particular. My son has a friend who is pitching for a top 25 D1 program and was picked up toward the end of his HS Sr season. He had three offers. I know of others who went as late as August, just before school started. My advice would be to find a good JC that fits his needs as a back up and a place to go, and then keep working it.

based on what I have seen here in the MW following whom has commited as a 2015 it would appear the cream of the crop is commiting but there is still time left and many won't commit as a 2015 until summer next year.  That being said, I would guess the $ is already gone at your top tier programs.  Arkansas from what I hear gets them early, but there are those that have kids fall out and a spot opens.

BOF, did that top-25 D1 pitcher who got picked up at the end of his high school senior year get athletic money? (edit: apologies to 2Lefties, our posts crossed)


If the answer is yes, I think it is a real longshot. I think people should recognize that sometimes longshots come in, but you don't necessarily want to plan your recruitment strategy betting on them.

Due to injuries my son got his offer mid August, two weeks before freshman year started. Talk about organizing and packing fast. His plan had been to showcase in the fall and start college in January. He had been on their radar screen before getting injured. His travel coach/hitting instructor made a call explaining he was healthy. He didn't get any money and had to redshirt a year. All he lost was the fifth year to play four. Chances are if he received a fall offer and started in January he would have probably been the same scenario. The other alternative we considered was sit out a year, start in the fall and have five years to play four. Academically there was no need to PG a year.


Money was not an issue. He had already been accepted academically to the school in the spring and offered 50% academic money. He was a top high school student and passed six AP tests. I asked if the money could still be made available. It was.



I don't know exactly but his offer was in the range of 50% for athletic money. I agree with you that you never plan your activity around these kinds of offers. He had an injury and did not get out to events and was a high 80's, low 90's pitcher (real not dad-7) 


For the OP he could have a plan that had a safe place for a JC and then play his cards and see what happens. 

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