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Some of the teams you may look at are:

Dallas Mustangs
Dallas Bat
Dallas Patriots
Arlington A's
McKinney Marshals
Dallas Tigers
Denton Blackhawks
Fort Worth Cats
Dallas Panthers

If I missed any im sorry, this was off the top of my head and in no order.
1. Boys Baseball Inc, http://www.bbidallas.org. will give you a list of teams with contact info., by age group.
2. Lonestar league is http://www.lonestaraba.org. This one isn't updated often, but contact Sam Carpenter, Dallas Mustangs.
3. Dbat will have names & numbers for coaches for their teams.
4. Shayne Currin (catcher on hsbbweb) is McKinney Marshalls. Great contacts & is in it for the kids!!
5. Texas Blackhawks, Eddie Aguilar, or Kevin Hubbard, http://www.eteamz.com/texasblackhawks (my son's team & coaches are very pro-kids!!)

Tryouts may not be posted, but call the coaches.
Good luck!!
Not at all...
I found your comments nit-picky.
The leagues & teams mentioned are all good.

The poster is new & asked for websites or information...I'm very willing to help. That is the purpose of hsbbweb... Simply making a positive contribution.

There is no sense in anyone making an attempt to "hi-jack" a thread...That happens all too frequently, especially in the Ill. forum.

Now...hopefully others will also offer help to our newbies.
Thanks for all the posts-I appreciate your willingness to share information. I know it is very competitive at this level. So for some of you to be so open says alot.

Hopefully I didn't start any controversy. I am sure there are pros and cons to every team out there.
Always glad to have someone's opinion though, especially opinions with first hand experience.

I am making use of the info right now. To the couple of private messages I received: I will respond as soon as I have a feel for what's available that's a good fit.

Thanks again
Welcome to the forum & the site.
We've got lots of posters who are great about sharing info...look for KellerDad, OldBat-Never, PantherDad, catcher, Texan, Former Observer, Meylynda, & many, many more.
Just overlook the pot-stirring that occassionally happens...We're all going thru baseball withdrawals!! Smile

Where is your son going to school?
Thought I would chim in here,

First off, welcome to the community, you will find this site to be informative, amusing and sometimes even a bit unsettling, but all and all it is a site that you take what you need, pass on what you have and enjoy the ride.

Regarding 16U tryouts here are a few of the resources I would use in locating times/dates/info. on tryouts:

1. This site and the members (which include parents, players, coaches and just baseball crazy people).

2. The Dallas Morning News: in the sports section under personnel.

3. BBI's website under teams looking for players (http://www.bbidallas.org).

4. Message boards on Dbat's, Homerunalley, and other's sites.

5. Individual team website's.

6. Ask around your HS baseball community.

Once you have this info. then the best piece of advice I can give you is:

It is "your" decision. Use all the feedback, insights, team records ect. to give you a foundation but in the end it has to be a decision based on "what is right for you and your son".

Team personnel/dynamics change season from season so what was typical for a team this year might not be what is in the future for them this year. What was right for your son's best friends friend last year might not be what is right for your son this year.

Look at what you bring to the team and what the team will add to your son's ability and character.

Enter a tryout as an interview, after all they are interviewing your son and you need to do the same since we are talking a financial committment and usually a large committment of time.

And lastly, remember that most of us that post are either in your same shoes, walked in those shoes recently or are hoping to someday own some shoes like yours so reach out and you will get lots and lots of good information.

And like you, just recently my son tried out for a select team for this upcoming summer season and we have been out of the loop so I contacted several members on this board regarding the team(s) we were considering and because of the information I received, prior to and after the tryout, we are totally excited about the team my son selected and in turn the team that selected my son...................Baseballmom was one of the leading reasons for the selection and I value all the information she passed on to me..............

And again, Welcome!
Ok, I'm going to start a little sumthin there -- just for fun -- do I need a disclaimer? (see below) Smile

Some of you were around when the mighty Swami strolled these halls -- making weekly prognostications (oh the good old days!)..........

So, in the spirit of a slow off-season and specifically to "inform" (as is the theme of this topic), here is my prediction (this and $3.75 might get you a cup of coffee -- the kind oldbat-never drinks) for the top six teams in DFW in 2006 (no offense Texan) -- am I feeling parenthetic?

    DBAT (just a hint of bias)
    Dallas Tigers
    Dallas Mustangs
    Dallas Giants
    Dallas Patriots / McKinney Marshals (tie)

Concerning tryouts for these teams, catcher has posted the schedule for the Marshals tryout. At this time of the year, most rosters are 86.67% full (statistically speaking). But...I think all of these teams are on a constant lookout for opportunities to add/bolster/enhance their groups -- especially the pitching. Yanks, you don't indicate your son's resume -- probably a good move here -- but feel free to contact me in private if you need additional information on these teams.

Ok, I have to "borrow" a recent disclaimer I saw in another topic -- just because I like it....

*These comments are presented purely for entertainment purposes without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith, choice of computer platform or IQ of any posters or lurkers involved herein. By no means are these comments intended to offend other select baseball programs or indoor facilities nor to be considered as an endorsement or advertisement for DBAT.

This should warm up our day -- as if we need it in Dallas.

Smile Happy New Year, friends!
That's all right, PD. I'll add my top three Houston area & Central Texas picks.

Houston (listed alphabetically):
Columbia Angels
Houston Heat
Kyle Chapman

Central Texas:
Austin Slam
South Texas Sliders
Austin Wings

Gosh, that was difficult. Roll Eyes
{You Northerners have it tougher when making picks.}
As I recall the swami "prognosticated" on the HS teams...8 5A...12 5A...
He, UTPanAm & coon would get to sparing...

Can't comment much on up & coming Blackhawks, but I'd imagine they'd be in the arena. Wink

And OBN, let me know where the coffee house is, too!! I've started transfushions!!
Catcher built a Boston's there -- I'm sure Starbucks and Spring Creek BBQ will follow shortly.

The A's haven't made much noise in this age group in years....and I don't know much about the Blackhawks '06 roster. They had a nice 15U team last year and added at least one pitcher/IF with some 4A-V experience (notice how I can mix HS and select?). Actually, our Mustang team (now DBAT) didn't see the Marshals last summer -- and I included the Patriots more on their reputation than anything else. There is a new team out of Rockwall that will have several good players -- and if the Panthers field a team, they will be capable.

It's probably easier to list the top 3 or 4. chat
Boston's and other fine restaurants and hotels are coming to the frozen tundra along 121 and Alma. The ole' Marshals will be sponsored to the hilt and we will copter it to Brookhaven to play DBAT in a few years, or fly your rumps up here to play us....In 20 years, we'll be something...
Why doesn't anyone mention the LH Wildcats. 44-8 last year,BBI champs 19-0,won two tourneys and qualified for the Connie Mack WS.(only Dallas team ever to do so beside Mustangs)Beat every team mentioned in past post.(Dbat,Tigers,Mustangs)Could be even stronger this year. Come on people give some credit where credit is due.
Originally posted by Panther Dad:
Unless history has been re-writted, the '04 MMWS Tigers must have been dressed as the Long Island Titans.

The '05 group was indeed impressive.

Tigers went to the 15U MMWS in 2004 I believe played in Oklahoma City.
Originally posted by Panther Dad:
Unless history has been re-writted, the '04 MMWS Tigers must have been dressed as the Long Island Titans.

The '05 group was indeed impressive.

The '04 MMWS 15 year olds we played in Owasso, OK and won that title as a pure age 15 so oops I guess it was'nt the actual MMWS as we know it from back in the day at age 16.

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