Ed Santa (Rockies Scout) showcase Morgantown W.Va.

SHOWCASE: Ed Santa will conduct his annual showcase on Sat Oct 20,2012 in Morgantown WV. For more information, contact Ed Santa at crsanta@aol.com

My son went to the WV showcase and got some good responses from it.. It was well run and was well attended by college coaches and pro scouts...

contact info
crsanta@aol.com for info or brochure....

Feel free to contact me for any details about the showcase, although its been a number of years ago...

I have first hand knowledge of the 2 times my son attended....and Ed Santa is a first rate baseball guy...
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my son attended the last two Santa showcases in Morgantown, He went as a Jr. and in fall of his Sr. year.

I think the cost was in the $ 175- $190 range. Very well attended by the regional colleges. Best guess there were over 60 colleges and maybe 10-15 pro teams represented.

I think they have a morning session and afternoon. It is held in a large indoor faciliity, usually pretty cool in there so make sure you dress warm.

Best place to stand as a pitchers parent is behind the catchers and the scouts, they usually have 3 pitchers at a time throwing and larger size screens are set up for the radar guns so you can see what the kids are throwing.

for the money it was one of the better showcases in the area we ever found because of the college turnout.

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