Extra Padding for Catcher's Mitt

My son caught much faster pitching this year and I'm sure it will be harder even next year. He occasionally gets popped pretty hard in the normal spot around the base of the index finger.

I'm looking for some ideas for additional padding. I've seen some padded batting gloves but not sure how well they work. I was considering getting a small section of some padded material and gluing it into the glove.

Any ideas here?

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As an ex-catcher, I have a couple of ideas...

One the mitt may need to be replaced....or at least repaired... the one thing I see in higher baseball is that catchers mitts, due to the pounding, tend to wear out quickly....they may look fine and actually be good and supple for the other aspects of catching, but not supply the padding for the higher level fastballs...

Options....get a new mitt....or send the old one off for repair with new padding..

Easton makes a good palm padded batting glove that may help....

Or you can do what we used to do....cut a small sponge to fit....

Or as my sons college roommate (college catcher) sarcastically suggested...learn to catch it in the web not the palm.....

all works....just fit to your budget...
I got a couple of these for my son.

Stash Sports

He doesn't have a problem with his mitt, but was getting stung every once in a while when playing long toss. They have really helped and he says they don't bother him in the glove. We got the fingerless versions.

He uses the Akadema mitt when catching and it does have plenty of padding and a special wedge between thumb and index. Nice mitt. When he starts catching faster pitching he will have the Stash mitts to help if needed.

I've got a little pad that I found at Walmart. It velcroes onto my index finger and is a pad that protects the base of my index finger and middle finger. It was like four bucks. One problem with it is that it is pretty easy to lose. In the package it provides a piece of leather lace so you can tie it onto the mitt, but I've found it doesn't work all that well. I just stuff the pad in my back pocket in between innings.
Bulldog,I know exactly what you are talking about(because I used it up until last year)

I wouldnt reccomend it,because its harder to close your glove and you will see alot of balls pop out if you use the palm guard.

This year,I bought an easton batting glove with palm padding(15.99 at local sporting good store),and it gets the job done much more efficiently.

just my .02
An old catcher taught me this one: The catchers mitt has only 3 finger slots and 1 thumb slot. Put 3 fingers into the last (wide finger slot) little finger and ring finger in the leather finger loop, the place your middle finger next to them still in the last wide finger slot of the mitt. Put your pointer finger inside the middle finger slot of the mitt. This way you do not have an exposed finger, you have much greater control of the mitt, and your pointer finger is no longer right next to the pocket. Takes a little getting used to, but works really great.
A well padded mitt is first. Then one of the palm guard or easton protectors and then you can go with the velcro thing. We just used to tape our fingers heavily. I have my catchers invest in the palm guard, then we tape the top of the thumb and index finger for extra protection. There's nothing worse than a bone bruise on the end of a finger.
if your finger is taking a beating, you might have your hand too far in the glove. in order to catch the ball in the pocket and not feel it, try putting only half of your hand in the glove and make sure it is pulled tight. this allows you to catch with your fingers and not your hand. you will have better control and you will be able to remain relaxed when receiving.

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