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Was recruited by mid, low level D1's and a number of D2's but didn't make it through the clearinghouse and academically really need a JUCO but was never recruited by any JUCO's. Now it's late in the game and most emails to coaches aren't getting me very far.

Anyone out there familiar enough with FL JUCO's to know who might need a hard hitting addition to their recruiting class or have any idea's on how I go about getting a shot?
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Ask the coach of the school that recruited him to make overtures to a JUCO. Your HS coach can also be a conduit for introductions. Im assuming you are in HS so ask your teammates, some of them are probably going to JUCO and can put the word out as well.

I wouldnt be surprised if you son is already known by the JUCO's in your area. They follow HS players in their area.

JUCO's are in season so coaches are especially busy. Contacting during the summer is still early enough to get on a team.

Players cut from fall practice are able to get on JUCO's so try not to worry too much right now.

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