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Two years ago our 2016 was looking for a school to further his education and  to play baseball at the highest level. Like may parents we felt he had earned the right to receive a generous scholarship based on his  hard work, results, grades and potential. (Time to get ours!)  We were being selfish and narrow minded. I'm so thankful that we made our decision based on  leadership and values rather then bragging rights on the % of $$$ our kid earned.

We made our first and last recruiting  visit to Sam Houston State. I remember sitting in the car with my wife and son reflecting on the visit with Coach Deggs and his staff, I looked at my son  and asked what he thought and he replied ," I want to play here, I don't care what they offer I'm done looking at schools, this is the place for me."  I told him i agreed and something about this Coach Deggs just felt right. Just like that, his recruiting was over and he became a Bearkat. This is his second season with the Pack brotherhood and we are thankful everyday for making the right choice.


I  heard the stories and rumors about Coach Deggs like many of his players and their families. I just finished reading his book and it is a inspiration, read it you won't be disappointed.


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Hey Don, You are our second stop of the preseason, chasing the Southern Sun !! So excited that my son will play in a great environment with quality character players & Coach.  From one Bearcat to another BearKat, so cool when our boys let go of what the mainstream says, and follow their gut instincts for the perfect fit academically, socially, spiritually & when baseball works out, well, that is just the icing on the cake.  Pm me if you want to know his jersey #.  Here is to a great baseball season filled with ups & downs and lots of growth for all our Sons.

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