Hampden-Sydney Showcase

Son has been to 3 showcases (Liberty U, VMI, and HSC) this fall and this one at HSC falls well below VMI and a little ahead of Liberty.

It appeared that losing the 2 assistants at HSC (after last season) hurt this camp as things were not well organized, especially Saturday during the hitting segment (players didn't know the order of the drills so things got confusing). It would have been nice if the 40 players had been divided into 4 teams when games were played on Sunday. That way the games would have seemed to be more competitive. HSC could have done something simple at the check-in like passing out different color shirts with # on the back to create teams, as it was the Number taped to the players back didn't work well as they kept falling off.
Overall we were disappointed with camp organization. Maybe we were looking for a better organized showcase based on what we had heard from others, but even these contacts told us that this showcase wasn't as good as last years.
I don't think that is true at all.

Some schools are done, others are not. Some schools got who they wanted, others did not and are still looking.

You can download (if you subscribe) commitment information from PGCrosschecker. I was personally able to do this (I'm a paying customer!) and copy the data into a spreadsheet program that let me then sort the list by college. You'd be surprised how many teams had 0-2 commitments listed. Last I checked, as one example, James Madison had only one commitment. I hear tell they have an offer out to one other player at least, but he hasn't made up his mind yet. Even with him, I have to believe they intend to bring in more than 2 players out of this year's class.

W&M's situation is further complicated by the fact that they don't have the full 11.7 funded in the first place, thus not much money to spend. But they may well continue trying to recruit walk-ons. W&M can offer you a roster spot, if you're in-state, for about 16k/year. If you were looking at, say, University of Richmond, you'd need about a 67% deal to get your annual cost down that low. So I wouldn't necessarily rule out W&M just yet, if that's a place that interests you. As a proud alum, I'll say you'd be hard pressed to beat the educational opportunity. The baseball facilities are first rate, the program is pretty strong, and the coaches are earning good reviews.
Also, my son and I were in talks with JMU before their recruting coach jumped to another school and he swore they were only bringing on two players this year. Son passed, but I suppose things change as time goes on; and what they are doing now does not account for where they will be after the draft and any of their players (current or coming) get drafted and in fact sign....
James Weiner, who is a very good pitcher from St. Anne's/Belfield is going to JMU, but it doesn't seem to appear anywhere. Likewise, Trevor Knight, another STAB pitcher, and the best HS pitcher I have ever seen, was never reported as a JMU guy in any public media.
I talked to a STAB baseball parent who is a friend of mine a couple weeks back. Trevor red-shirted because of Tommy John surgery. He didn't know any details about the time of injury, or how the re-hab went thou. I will agree that he was a very good HS pitcher. He did have a nasty hard slider. Maybe that contributed?? I hope he can get back to pitcher that he was, and am sure Spanky does too!

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