Hey PNW! What's Happening?

Well, I'm a long distance Whitman fan and they're having a pretty good start compared to what they usually do.  Freshman pitcher threw a no hitter a week ago and was, I think, D3 pitcher of the week.  I'm an alum, so my kids aren't interested in going there , but it's a gem of a school academically AND athletically it's starting to make waves: won both men's and women's basketball conference titles last week.

Hey, Tres, congrats on your son's debut at Udub!

I didn't even know this forum exists -- it's hidden if you come in from the homepage.

Anyway, weather is really bad this year for Seattle area. Snowed the first HS tryout day, then rained everyday after that. Forecast has at least another week of rain.

I watched several college games online. Whitman is looking exceptionally strong this year. They beat Whitworth in a DH! And almost swept a 4 game series when they traveled down to Claremont. Looks like they recruited good pitchers and hitters.

Tres -- does UW have video archives of their games, like the D3s do?



We're in the second week of HS baseball here in Oregon and it's been wet and snowy. It doesn't look like the rain is going to let up, but I'm crossing my fingers we actually get to start games next week. I really can't wait until our Spring Break trip to Arizona at the end of this month. 

A couple of my son's former club teammates have earned starting roles for U of P. The team isn't doing real great, but hopefully they'll get things turned around soon. Only the second year with the new coaching staff.

Tres, I'll be checking in on UW games now. It's always great to have some people to follow on each team. I'm really bummed that Jacob Parrot isn't playing for Oregon this season, but it's great to see him on the roster and being so active with the team. 

Yes Smoke, Whitman is showing some flashes this season. Our son played there four years, and was a weekend starting P on the 20 win team of '14.  I've seen the current team, and I'd say the 13/14 squads had more depth in impact offensive firepower, particularly slugging %.  A senior P on the 14 squad really rivaled the NWC Pitcher of the Year, Lubking, in nastiness - upper 80/low 90. Actually led the conference in K/9IP. But, the current Whitman squad has much more pitching depth when you get into the pen beyond the three weekend starters, and its a bunch of underclassmen - so yes, if they can keep building on this with impact recruits year-to-year, they could become a force.

Hi guys--Smokeminside: I'm a Whitman fan too; the school very much resembles my alma mater in Oberlin. Small liberal arts focused, academic. A friend, the CEO at Driveline, was a catcher there as the program began is ascendance.

Bogeyorpar--Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine if we can watch previously streamed ballgames. I've been looking for links, but it doesn't appear to be available. I wish!

Another 4 game non-conf series this weekend then three with Utah next weekend. I'm betting the coaches figure out a way to get at least 25 boys on the field, some way or other, through the weekend. 


Yes, the rain needs to move on now. Our non-conference games are scheduled to start today. My 2018 is getting the start on the bump, but it's raining cats and dogs so I imagine games will be cancelled. It looks like the rain is sticking around for the most of the week. It's the PNW, so we're used to the rain, but this winter has been ridiculous. Sigh. 

Our home opener was scheduled today. It has been raining the whole week so I thought it will be cancelled for sure; but suddenly it all cleared up today with beautiful sunshine and blue skies and almost 50 degrees! Our home opener proceeded as planned. My son got 2 hits out of 3 AB with 3 RBIs. Our team went on to win 9-2.

Forecast rain again tomorrow and Saturday. Our game vs O'Dea may be wet.

Yep ... it was raining really heavy in the morning, so they cancelled the game. In the afternoon it completely cleared up and turned out to be a gorgeous day. Oh well.

Sunday I turned on UW's streaming and just in time to see Jacob pinch run and he walked in for the win. Nice!

I'm glad the O'Dea/Newport matchup is now a perennial thing. I enjoyed games at Newport; even JV on that dirt field. Really glad to see Lambeau and Weston Miller are going to play at the next level. I am trying to get to O'Dea games at Bannerwood and will swing by Newport next time the game times line up. I'll let you know when that is so we can say "hi"!


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