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My two is going to make more sense to begin contacting the D2 coaches now than it is the D3 coaches.   The reason is D2 coaches can offer baseball scholarships, and that money will get offered/awarded to players that get on their radar sooner rather than later  D3 recruiting has its own timetable but there is no great sense of urgency right now because baseball scholarships aren't offered.   In your email offer a concise summary of your baseball skills, academic achievements and why the school is on your list.  If you have a youtube video that demonstrates your skills so much the better.   Additionally, you can hit the search button on the title bar next to your screen name to search for how other posters have created introductory emails or notes.  

 As a 2020, I'd make a list of 20-25 schools and begin researching each to determine if they are a fit and what programs do they offer for students and athletes.   It is possible to visit a school through Admissions and let them arrange a meeting for you with the baseball coach.   If they won't arrange it for you then do it on your own.   Additionally, if you can have your high school coach, American Legion coach or travel coach reach out to the college coaches for the programs you are most interested in that could be a tremendous help for you..

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I haven't done this,m but this is the route my son is going.

In my opinion, if you are going to email coaches you have to have something interesting to say.  I'm a 2020 who pitches 85, or has a pop time of 2.0, or runs a 7.0 sixty yard time, or hit 2 HR's on my HS field last year...etc.

I don't think the approach of "I really like your school, but I'm not very good yet", will get you anywhere.

As much as people say camps are a waste of money my son enjoyed the one he went to.  He sent the coach an email prior to going, got to see the campus/field/most of the staff, meet some current players and the coach remembered his email.  It was less than $150 and at least let my son see the place and the staff, seems worth it to me.

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