Kenyon College

2016 and Mom and me visited in 2015. 

Excellent school.  Top 30 US News national liberal arts college.  Attractive, albeit remote campus.  Field on the perimeter of campus near the athletic center.

Son thought Kenyon and Sewanee were somewhat similar in that the large campuses were pretty distant from what he perceived as civilization.  Kenyon is not too far from Columbus.  Sewanee is 10,000+ acres in rural Tennessee...but I agree with him in that they seemed somewhat similar once on campus.

In Ohio, 2016 liked Denison and Case Western more than Kenyon and ultimately didn't like any of them due to the weather (coming from California).


I happened to talk to the HC for 30 minutes at Headfirst this week.  Casual conversation, not about my son as he is on a different path.  Turns out we grew up near each other in Ohio and played college sports around the same time, so mostly that type of talk.

I thought he was a great guy.  He has been HC at Kenyon for 22 years, though he hasn't turned 50 yet.  He was the youngest HC in D3 when he was named HC at Kenyon.  He said he has raised his family in Kenyon and he has loved living and coaching there.  

This was not "coach/recruiting speak", this was just 2 guys with similar backgrounds casually talking about life and Ohio.  He played college baseball at another school in their league, and he has a daughter who is playing a college sport at another school in the league.  So one would have to assume there isn't anything he doesn't know about the area and league!

We didn't talk much baseball, more about Kenyon, D3 and Ohio.   There are some great D3 colleges and sports programs in the upper Midwest, just like New England.  Kenyon is known as one of the better academic colleges among those types of schools in the Midwest.  They get a lot of students from the Northeast as well, if that impacts your thinking. 

Obviously depending upon what your son wants to study and what he may want to do after college, Kenyon is one of those schools that very likely can help your son "get there from here".  And the coaches and players in that conference and area really get after it competitively, so the college sports experience would be available as well if that's what your son wants.

One last thought -- as I recall from my playing days in that conference, Kenyon is pretty centrally located, so most of the van rides to away games are probably only 1-3 hours.  Helps cut down on time away from studies.

Good luck!

Kenyon is in the NCAC. They have historically played in the East Division of the conference, where they were usually third to Wooster and Allegheny, although once every three years or so would rise up and take second in the conference and be competitive with Wooster. 

The NCAC is getting ready to Go Round Robin, so those 1-3 hour trips are going to Change,

They will be making the Trek to Depauw and Wabash, in the near future. They are also going to all 9 inning games. They used to play all conference games on the weekends. DH 7-9 on Saturday and Sunday. If you check the new schedule there will be some conference games during the week. Games will be on Saturdays and Weds. This opens some Sundays up for non conference.

This will be a big change for Kenyon. Kenyon historically has played all their out of conference games during their two week spring break. When they came back up north they would only play their conference games on the weekends, with no Out of Conference games during the week. 

You also must get in to Kenyon on your own. Like all the other schools in the NCAC the coach has no pull with admissions, there are no tips. Kenyon, contacted my son once. Coach told him he was interested in recruiting Charles, but if Charles was not seriously interested, he should not waste the coaches time. It was a weird conversation. 

The coach is pretty well connected with summer leagues, He has had players in the PGCBL, and several other good leagues. But many of his players, do not play in the summer, they are usually interning. Make sure Kenyon has your Major. One of my sons friend attended and they did not have a typical Business degree.  



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