Local Collegiate Wood bat leagues.

Everybody knows about the Big boys when it comes to Summer Collegiate Baseball. Cape, Valley Great lakes, Northwoods, Coastal, and many others. There are not enough of these teams for everybody to get a spot, and lets face it playing is the goal. There are plenty of players that would never get playing time in these leagues even if they were offered a spot.

What I would like to do is start a thread, where people can discuss more local leagues. These leagues many times may not have host families and rely on local talent home for the summer. Many of these teams might also take rising Freshman, before they even get to college. 

In Ohio we have three 

OICBA-https://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=tscl This league has been around for quite a while. Not a lot of movement with teams dropping out. They have expanded further abroad in recent years. Soon they will be patterning with the SOVCL, in an All star game. They send their previous years champion to the AAABA ( http://aaabajohnstown.org/) in Johnstown Pa, every year. Few if any host families. Mostly players from local colleges, OWU, Denison, Capital, Ohio state, and others. Some players from colleges further away, but still local players home for the summer. Used to be a staple for OWU, until Great Lakes league started taking more D3 players.

Tri-state League http://tsclb.com/view/tsclb/ Teams range across northern Ohio and western pa. Not sure if they are tied to any championship like the OICBA. Looks like they have added and lost several teams recently. League was originally an off shoot of the Great lakes league. The original iteration was the Erie Shores League: 


not sure if the league is still tied to the NABF, or if just individual teams are. Again mostly local players, from D3,D2,D1,NAIA and Juco.


SOVCL: https://sites.google.com/site/...ey-collegiate-league


I know very little about this league except they are an offshoot of the old SWOL collegiate league.

Post your local league if you have them. 

I find these local leagues very interesting, 

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In Northern California there is the  Golden State Collegiate Baseball League — which is made up of teams from Northern Calif. and Oregon.  Good mix of Juco/NAIA/D3/D2/D1 players.  Each team might have 3 rising freshman on the roster.    http://www.goldenstatecollegia...egiatebaseballleague

We also have the California Collegiate League — which is highly competitive.  http://calsummerball.com

One of the teams in this league is called the PuffCaps — which is made up of all rising freshman that are attending D1 programs.  http://pufcaps.com/roster




Great thread for resources. My son played in the Cal Collegiate league one year and wanted to work as a summer intern so he found this local Ventura County Sunday only league run by former Dodger Jim Colborn. It is mostly JC players, a few HS standouts, and a few college kids. 


He worked out and did a Wolforth (Driveline) heavy/light ball work out and lifting and pitched one day a week. He video taped his pitching and sent a link to his college pitching coach and they discussed things to work on the next week. If was a perfect blend of work/baseball balance and his summer job resulted in him getting into a fully funded Masters program at UT. 

Here are a few in the Northern Illinois area. These are mostly local guys from all divisions who come back to play around home.

Midwest Collegiate League - http://www.midwestcollegiateleague.com/league/about/

Chicago Suburban Baseball League - http://www.hometeamsonline.com...=CSBL&s=baseball

Metropolitan Collegiate Summer Baseball League of Illinois - http://www.metrocollegebasebal...EBALL&s=baseball

The CSBL teams can advance to the NABF World Series.

Thanks for posting this Bishop!  Just when I get the boy off to college and think I've figured out how to be a knowledgeable baseball parent, he goes and gets placed in the Great Lakes next summer.  So here I am, back on HSBBW researching collegiate wood bat leagues.  So much to learn....again...

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