MLB Post Season Thread

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What do you make of the reports indicating that Darvish may have been tipping his pitches?  Apparently Eduardo Perez saw something and made a commentary that has legs.

He probably was tipping pitches....not to mention he was also putting the ball thigh high down the middle which didn't help either. 

He put the Dodgers in a hole both games he started.  In the small sample of games I've seen him pitch over the years he has yet to impress me as an elite pitcher.  He's made $11M this year, and he is a free agent now at 32 years old.   We'll see if the hot stove market says in a few months.

I'd take him to the Astros for 3yr $33M.  3.42 lifetime ERA in 5 seasons.  11/2 K/BB.

So glad the Series is over so I can listen to MLB network spend hours and hours on the Yankees/Girardi/Cashman/Judge/why can't they have Stanton now and other important issues surrounding the Bronx Bombers.  

Sorry the Astros/Dodgers held up the real essence of baseball.

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