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Son handles his own business but I like to think I have some friends to network with here so I offered to post this  ...

College graduating senior is actively pursuing a Summer Collegiate Asst. Coach position in an established league for this coming summer.  

Successful playing career at Calif JC, D2 and NAIA levels, college coaching is his career path, best fit would be Outfield/Hitting/Base coach, great mind for game management, ability to recognize and teach fine points of mechanics and approach, ability to instruct/relate with college level players, great BP thrower, great dugout presence.  No geographic restrictions for right opportunity.  

This is his passion.  He will be an asset.  His college coaches will highly recommend.

He has begun actively searching but I know how strong connections are here - would be dumb not to explore.  Any leads greatly appreciated!!



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Thanks Bob!  I'll let him know to check those out.  Please let me know if there is someone he should contact aside from the listed office personnel.

Goose, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes    He is looking at college coaching as a career path and recognizes that summer collegiate coaching is a common resume check.  He is also seeing the importance of networking and building contacts.  And, he loves doing it. 

A few years ago, the local summer collegiate program he planned on playing with folded.  It left several of the local college talent pool without a place to play.  He and a friend actually put together a team to fill the void.  They were player/coaches and handled all logistics, player personnel, equipment, etc.  It wasn't a full blown organization, of course, but they did an admirable job.  

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