Mouth guards small and baseball specific?

Hello- Have a few questions maybe someone could help out with....

#1) Looking for a small mouth guard that isn't too cumbersome that son won't wear, but needs to protect teeth from being knocked out with direct ball impact...

Have seen several MLB players with tiny little mouth guards they pop on/off, I think they snap directly on lowers (teeth), remind me of the way retainers snap in and out. Derek Jeter, I noticed, has one he wears, if that helps anyone picture what I'm talking about...

#1a) Does anyone know where I would get one of the aforementioned mouth pieces? How much do they cost/ where to get CHEAPEST?
**I'm pretty sure they are custom molded from impressions. I'm partial to spending big bucks on a custom mouth piece, may actually turn out to be cost prohibitive....

#1b) Anyone suggest another type of cheaper mouth guard? Again, where and approximate cost?
#2) What are some other baseball message boards that are as or more active than this?

Thanks in advance for any and all input, I REALLY appreciate it!
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Go to any sporting goods store and look in the football section. They have plenty of options. You might want one where you boil it first, then put it in juniors mouth to let it cool and form to his teeth. Otherwise, you're looking at a trip to the dentist to get a more expensive one.
I played infield for 20 years and never got hit in the mouth. Does he really need one?

Jeter's mouthpiece that he wore was an Under Armour product made by Bite Tech. This wasn't for protection as much as it was for stress relief and improved stamina.
My son wore one of the guards from Dick's Sporting Goods(that you boil) for years playing basketball without incident. However, this fall my son got hit in the mouth with a baseball and had a front tooth knocked out only 3 months after getting his braces off. Granted, this may have been just a freak hop, but he now wears a custom fitted mouth guard from the dentist. Spend the money and get a good one. It fits better than the $25 kind and they will be more apt to wear it. He is an infield player.

I will put in a plug here to make sure every team has team baseball insurance. USSSA has two levels of coverage (for all age groups) that is more than reasonable. In our experience, our medical coverage paid for the emergency room (the tooth went through his lip and he needed stiches), but replacing the tooth was not covered under either our dental or medical plans. Thank goodness the team had coverage that picked up most of the difference. Also, insurance won't cover the replaced tooth if it should get knocked out again....another reason for the guard.

Keewartson just told me that no one knows that he is wearing one when he plays. It is clear.
Your best bet if you think your son would wear it is a custom made one by your dentist. They'll take an impression and send it to a lab to be made. There are different thicknesses and for baseball you probably want the thinnest one. Custom colors, clear or white. In CA they are about $200. Mouth guards also can reduce the risk of concussion.
Having trouble replying to multi-quotes on this board... But thanks for replies.

Tried a football piece from sg store and it was so cumbersome he never wanted to wear...

I guess we'll have to get impressions at dentist and then I'll shop around online for better deal on actual guard and send impressions myself if cheaper than dentist office...

@AntzDad That IS FUNNY!!!!

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