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I am interested in multiple schools in New England such as URI, Uconn, and UMaine. I'm not from the New England area so it would be difficult to make it to camps at each of these schools and instead I'd like to find a showcase that these kind of schools typically attend. What are the best showcases in New England?

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You have two PG showcases for the northeast - the one in June which comes right at the end of our HS season up here (unless you advance into the state tourney) and then the one in Northborough MA that is in Aug and is kind of near the end of the travel season depending on what tournaments your team is signed up for.  Our 2016 attended the MA showcase the summer heading into his Jr year of HS.  There were lots of coaches there and I'm guessing there will be lots of coaches at the June event as well - but you won't get a list of them ahead of time and I don't think you'd be able to find out about those specific schools unless your son asked those coaches directly.  

It seems to me that players attend the June PG showcase to post numbers (velo, speed, etc) heading into the summer recruiting season.  Not necessarily to connect with or show for a specific coach.  

Other showcases - Blue Chip prospects has a series of showcases that start in June.  I don't think they are "New England" - more mid-atlantic going from NY to NJ to PA but they list the schools out and for some reason Uconn and URI stick out in my mind as attending in years past.  I don't recall seeing UMaine listed often.  I checked their website and they have all the showcases listed but none of the schools are listed yet.  

Diamond Nation has tournaments every week starting in June and they get lots of coaches from New England.  They will be written on the board as you enter the facility each week and can be seen all over - but those are tournaments.  They also hold showcases but I checked the website and the dates aren't listed yet.  

Prep Baseball Report (PBR) has a New England region with lots of events listed right now.  We've never attended one so I can't say if you get a list of coaches. 

As of now I'd say keep an eye on Blue Chip prospects site and check for the list of schools for each event.  I think you're going to find URI and Uconn on the list for those events.  


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Are there typically a lot of college coaches at the perfect game showcases?

At the Mid-Atlantic Showcase that my son attended, there were a fair number of local coaches. One way to find out if your target schools plan to attend is by calling them. I think I gather from past posts that you are a 2019 and, therefore, must do all the "reaching out."

Something else you can do is to look at Northeastern schools and see what camps they offer. There was one D1 school camp that my son attended that had about 6 schools at it and watching. Again, you find out by calling the baseball program of the camp or the baseball program you are interested in and asking where they will be.

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