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Last year it was right around this time. Looking back..the Telegraph had it on June 7th. Maybe they wait until the final 4 is in progress. Two years ago, I believe it came out after the finals. Not sure the NHIAA actually has a plan as to when it comes out. Heck, the coaches put in their votes for Player of the Year around May 15th when the season was just starting to brew. Makes no sense to me, but that is the NHIAA.
Most papers only post their subscriber area players that are on the list. But then The Union Leader does their own team of 10 statewide players and the Portsmouth paper does a Dream Team which only includes kids on the coast that they sell papers to.
I've been looking to no avail, also. I'll post a link if it ever comes up.

I wish they waited until the end of the regular season to vote, rather than 2-3 weeks left. If they did that, there would have been some player movement. Still do not know why they wait so long to release. Kinda dumb. By the time it comes out there is dwindled interest which is too bad for the deserving players.
From Derry News.... Good for these guys.


Londonderry senior Kyle Neverman (SS/P) was named to the Class L All-State First Team. He was joined by teammates senior Sean Caron (OF) and sophomore Kasey Carollo (P). The Second Team includes junior Zach Mathieu (C) of Pinkerton, and junior Dan Lagasse (3B/P) of Londonderry. The Third Team includes junior Jake Finnegan (P) and senior Brian Finnegan (2B/P) of Londonderry.

Six All-Staters....Depth wins.
Ryan DeCotis should have been considered for all state . 5-1 record. His only loss was his last game trying to pitch with a broken foot. Lasting one inning.
He one hit Keene and handed them their only home loss. He pitched a four hitter and handed goffstown there first loss of the season. Without him at the end South's hopes of a title were dashed.....
I just got an email from the NH Coach responsible for distributing the list to the media. He indicated he sent it to 8 newspapers more then a week ago. He is faxing it to me tomorrow. If that happens I will post when I get it.

I also emailed the Telegraph a few days ago but have not heard.
Originally posted by Granite State Baseball Association:
Coach Weaver I am looking forward to it any chance you can email that friendlier version to me at info@nhbaseball.org?

I'll do my best to get it to you. Bug me if I miss. I will be at a Big Softball College Showcase Sat and Sunday so I will do it when I get home in the evening.
Hey guys, as I look at the list I was faxed and the names many of you indicated were told had been notified of their selection I noticed some differences. The lists do not match.

I am going to hang onto these lists as I am nervous they are not the final draft.

I would rather wait till the NH COach's site gets updated.

Coach W

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