"Northern" college baseball

MidAtlanticDad posted:
Buckeye 2015 posted:

That's 16 games in the first 24 days of the season....and 77 HOURS on a bus!

Buckeye, you've been through it, but for the rookie parents this is a good reminder to review your data plan with junior. 77 hours of Snapchat adds up to a lot of gigs.

Wow, you're not kidding.....anyone who has a kid playing college baseball might as well just go ahead and start the unlimited plan now.  If not, trust me, you will be "reminded" of this post when your bill comes at the end of February

RJM posted:

Notice anything unusual about this schedule? Every game is a southern trip.


Location ...


Look at the conference the OWLS joined.


Take a look at the distance between the schools:



I believe the plan is that once a season all the teams will meet in a central location and have there championship. Similar to how the UAA used to. My guess is that for baseball there champion will be decided during spring Break. 

Mills college does not have baseball, It is a Womins college, Varsity sports are:

Cross Country





smokeminside posted:

Well, here's Kai's first snow day at Amherst.  I'm a little worried about his lack of athleticism.

Love this, thanks for sharing smokemeinside!  Made me smile. A lot of posts recently about bad decisions, transfers, etc. that scare the heck out of me, so good to see one of these boys having a great time where he landed.  Best wishes for his continued success at Amherst.

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