Norwood Blues

Very good organization. Coach Pildes is a class act and a very knowledgable baseball guy. He has been doing this for a long long time. They make the circuit playing tourneys at the likes of Purdue/Illinois/Illinois State/Northern Illinois/Butler etc. Big trip down to Jackson Mississippi every year in early August. Matter of fact probably down there right now. Plays a fall schedule but it is not as intense as summer. Team is made up of 17-18 yrs from a wide spectrum. Coach Pildes is a respected long time Chicago Public League head coach who gets a lot of kids from the CPL..has a pipeline into the Central Suburban League and even had a few players from Lake Park High this season. Very competitive team. No tryouts...players come to him or are recommended.One thing he is not...he is not a very good webmaster..dont bother looking for info. This is coming from someone who has a son playing for a different organization, who if he wasnt, would relish the oppurtunity to play for the Norwood Blues. There is another father out there.. bballdad1954 who I am sure will reply when he sees the topic.
I played with them my senior year in the fall. (2 years ago) It was definitely great for exposure and a good organization. I had a few college coaches looking at me at the time and would talk with Coach Pildes and arrange to make sure I pitched or the coaches saw me. I also was seen at a few tournaments by other college coaches and then got in contact with after. There is quite a bit of traveling in the fall and it usually takes up your whole weekend. Players on the team were easy to get along with and were some great players.
As a father I still miss the Norwood experience.

I echo everthing that has been said. My son says the best thing about it is Pildes will prepare you for playing in college. He doesn't do physical fundementals. Most of the kids can play when they are sent to him. He teaches the nuances and strategies of the game. He will tell you what you need to do mentally and physically to make it at the next level. He tells it to you straight.

The season is geared to the goal of winning the NABF Worrld Series. It is a wood bat event. Norwood always plays well in the series, and has lost to the champs the last couple of years.

Good luck!
Well, thanks to a boring day at work, I'm visiting the site.
I totally agree with bballdad1954. Ours sons played against each other in high school and with each other on the Blues. I also miss the experience, the players, the parents, and coach Pildes.

Yes, Pildes will tell it to you straight and prepare you for the next level. I felt a real strength for coach was his post game meeting, good, bad or ugly. He will go over plays and discussed what happened versus what should have happened. It gets the kids to think.

My son felt he was one of the better prepared Freshmen players. He ended up being a starting pitcher (including conference games) and midway through the season, took over the DH role. He was the only Freshman to get any at bats in the season. He enjoyed playing for Pildes.

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