Projection vs development-Straight108 assessment of Aaron Judge

Some who post on the site know our son has started a baseball site called Straight108.  While Jason most often devotes his articles and analysis to the SF Giants (pretty challenging this year) he used the All Star break to evaluate Aaron Judge.  Since he coached against him in college for 3 seasons, he had his scouting reports as a reference point to use both in a "projection" assessment and for a contrasting development analysis.

Since both projection and development above the HS level are often hot topics on this site, but very hard to apply, I thought I would post Jason's assessment which he just published, including some video analysis. To me, it is so interesting since it traces back to HS, through college, the Cape, Milb, the struggles in MLB in 2016 and Jason's views on why Judge is having so much success is 2017 traceable to  pitch recognition relating to a small change in the approach (vertical and horizontal)  in visualizing pitches.

I hope some will find this article useful in better understanding  the journey is full of challenges and this includes those who play the game and those who project who will be successful in playing the game.



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I noticed he is wearing high socks this year compared to last.  I have heard some feel it helps define the bottom of the zone for the ump.  With his large zone already, I wonder if that has had any impact for him.  I also wonder if Judge consciously changed to high sock for that reason or if it was simply a style change.  

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There are rumors that judge has worked together with a certain infamous hitting message board "guru"  in the off season (I think most here still remember the guy).


I haven't seen Judge take on the characteristics of the Pujols/Donaldson/Colabello swing.  If anything Judge's swing mechanics look more similar, to me, to the Mookie Betts type swing mechanics....

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