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Does anyone know how accurate the $100.00 Bushnell radar guns are? We used one last night on my son and another pitcher and they both thought that it was slow compared to a Jugs or Stalker gun. I am ging to try to compare it to a Stalker when we have the chance with our club team or pitching coach...they were thinking it was at least 5 mph off as they both only topped out at 80 with most of their fastballs being 77-79. I told them that I thought it was pretty accurate as these same two kids thought that they were mid to upper 80's at the 2009 15U WWB and were listed at 80 and 83 respectively by Perfect Game...but you now how 16 year olds know everything...
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Bushnell guns are just as accurate, however...

They will not begin to pick up the ball until its further from the pitcher. As a result, they usually read 3 mph "slower" than Jugs/Stalker.

If you have a Bushnell gun that doesn't read fastest/slowest - it's worthless. The gun may randomly only pick up the ball as it nears the plate, then show a reading. This reading will be 6-9 mph off.
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That's a little too simplistic to be of use. Here's a table showing the indicated speed versus an actual of 90mph:
Angle           Speed
0	100.00%	90
5	99.62%	89.67
10	98.48%	88.63
15	96.59%	86.93
20	93.97%	84.57
25	90.63%	81.57
30	86.60%	77.94

Does that also apply to vertical angle?
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Not to go too off subject, but did you guys know there is now an iPhone app that works as a radar gun?

I saw it at a game, but wasn't able to see how accurate it was. Does anyone know if these are accurate? It's hard to believe they would be.



It's fun to play with, but it's hard to get within 10mph of the actual velocity. There are simply too many variables in the stopwatch radar gun techniques...how tall is the pitcher, how far does he release the ball from home plate, play in the button, is the timing perfect, etc...

Neat idea, but they don't work at all.
Check out the pocket radar. I've had mine around 2 months now. Its every bit as good as the high end guns. I recently used it at a H.S VIBL summer game where the scouts had a pitcher at 92 in 1st. I had him at 91 in the bottom of the 2nd and I was around 30ft behind the fence. It does more a lot more then that. I'll fill you in if you want pm me

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