There will be much talk about his "motivational" tirades, but this man could coach and was so much more than a sound bite. Had his detractors, most at the top of the mountain do. Augie did a ton for his players and they loved him, that's what he should be remembered for. Anyone who has not seen the Inning By Inning documentary about his life is missing out, best college baseball insight I've ever seen.

Thanks to you both for commemorating appropriately.  I hope that our HSBBW community members are all on the same page with keeping this thread respectful of his passing, whether stories shared are colorful or otherwise .  

I can't think of too many coaches who have had a bigger impact on their college sport...  truly lived a passionate and impactful life!  Condolences to those who are touched by his passing.

I just posted this back in January. Saddened by the news of his passing. Thoughts and prayers to his family. RIP Coach!

"Last night I had the pleasure to attend an event and hear Audie Garrido speak. Nearly five decades of college coaching  and the winningest record in NCAA history and you still can see that twinkle in his eye when he talks about his players. Three from his first collegiate team ever were present. He wasn't the legend back then, just Coach Garrido in his first NCAA  job. No million dollar salary, no multi million dollar budgets and fancy uniforms.

"Baseball is a game of opportunity" ,"Baseball is a metaphor for life", "Baseball is about runs scored, not hits". Those were some of the takeaways. He talked about when CSU Fullerton first played at powerhouse USC. They drove themselves to Dedeaux Field already in uniform. The person in charge of the music asked Augie what their fight song was. Augie told them he was not sure if they had one, he told them the team did like a Doobie Brothers song called China Grove. He said when the Titans took the field they played "It's a Small World". CSUF won 3-1 and he was pretty sure "it's a small world" was never played there again.

5 National Championships, 15 trips to the CWS and collegiate record of 1975-951-9. 

His final message was that in almost 50 years of coaching only 122 players made it to the bigs or earned living playing baseball after college. Short for most, longer for others. That's less than 1% of players he coached. Many, many of his players have made a better living from the experiences they learned because they played baseball. 

Pretty cool"!



I met Augie back in 2004.  He was a kind, gracious man.  After he learned that I had a son who was going to play at rival Stanford, he told me what a great person and coach our son was heading towards (Mark Marquess) and he gave me some simple and tremendously accurate advice.

"Just make sure you keep it fun for your son."

RIP Augie - one of the greatest.

My wife, son and I read his book and watched a lot of his games and although I can't quote it exactly, we still quote the part where he said(paraphrased)...  I want to take the field with someone I'd go into a knife fight with.  I don't want to be visiting you in the Hospital the next day with your jaw wired shut.  My son still uses this quote on his HS team because it is kind of funny, but SO to the point.  RIP Coach.   

Living just South of Omaha and the CWS my family goes to as many games as we can during the series, as well as getting to see some of the teams practice at the local high school. My son and I met Coach Garrido in 2014 during one of the Longhorns practices and he was amazing with my son, almost like a Grandfather; but I knew just below the surface beat the heart of a fiery competitor that would destroy any team that stood in their way. That side of Coach was shown in the documentary "Inning by Inning, Portrait of a Coach", if you haven't seen it you should watch it.

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