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Here is the situation: Bases loaded. Batter hits a ball to the right of the first baseman. Ball gets through and two runs score. Plate umpire calls interference on runner going from first to second. Runners on second and third return to those bases and the batter is awarded first base. Here is the question: How do you score the at bat? Hit? Fielder's Choice? No at bat?
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Just a follow-up here. The OP says "the batter is awarded first base".

Was he really "awarded" 1st base?? -- or is he there because he hit a single. Had he instead hit a grounder to the infield, I don't think he would have been "awarded" first base in this situation.

MST, with all due respects, I'm wondering if the 10.02a section you referred to isn't talking about a batter who is awarded 1st because HE was somehow interfered with. No time at bat charged in that case ... but in the scenario presented here, I'm wondering if we don't have a legitmate single.

It seems that the scorekeeper has the discretion to call it a hit if he/she thinks the batter would have been safe without regard to the interference.

This is true.

OBR 10.06: A base hit shall not be scored in the following cases: (e) When a runner is called out for interference with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball, unless in the scorer's judgment the batter-runner would have been safe had the interference not occurred.
If I understand the OP correctly a runner was called out on an interference. Now I may be making an assuption here but it had to have been with F3 causing the ball to go into the outfield. If this is so then the BR beinging awarded first is correct. On the interference the ball is imediately dead, runner is called out, BR placed at first and all other runners return to TOP bases unless forced. The runs shouldn't have counted if it as I understand the play. Now if the interference was sometime later in the play, on a thrown ball then it would be a whole different scoring rules.
But as I'm reading it the putout is credited to F3, BR to first and no official time at bat.
Now I generally stay out of rule 10.00 so if there is someone with better knowledge I will bow out.
That exact situation ended our season last night. Bottom of the seventh, bases loaded one out, down by a run and a ground ball hit to the right side, ball gets through and 2 runs score and celebration begins....not so fast, ump talks to field ump and rules interference on the runner. Then we ground out to end the game. Tough way to end the season. I will not sleep soundly for about 8 months!
RPD, The interference call definitely involved the runner on first and the first baseman. As for whether or not it was a clean single, it appears that the people with the best view--the other team--thought it was. On the other hand, who can say for sure that the first baseman wouldn't have gotten to it but for the runner?

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