Seeking hurricane info: Barefoot Bay

I have relatives who live in Barefoot Bay FL, but were fortunate enough to have been staying up north when Frances hit. We're having trouble finding info on extent of damage etc.

Anybody have any idea about the Barefoot Bay area?

Many thanks in advance. Just trying to get an idea of what the recovery effort will be.
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Barefoot Bay wa hit hard, the mobile home park on the west side of US1 is tore up a lot..but some mobile homes look untouched a strange site. This from my brother who drove home to port st lucie. You almost need to know the specfic address, my brother losed his roof and his neighbor's house was untouched other than a palm tree falling over. My mom lost her screen porch that is in port st lucie..not that far from brevard county. In some areas even the cell phones are not cellular and verizon cuxtomers seem to be working if that is any help?
Thank you sampb. Very helpful.
My thoughts are with your family.. I hope everybody is OK.

I just learned a few minutes ago that my mother-in-laws house was completely un-touched. Bizarre. We're waiting for word on her sister's place, also in Barefoot Bay.

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