Specific classes for D1?

I asked my kids guidance counselor to check that he was on track for all the D1 classes he had to take to have a D1 scholarship.  She said there is a GPA and a SAT minimum not classes.

I thought there were a specific amount of classes like 4 years of math...etc that had to be taken.  Am I wrong?

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There are specifics to graduate from HS....and there are also specific requirements at some college with regard to what you need to get admitted.  If you qualify for a scholarship based on HS grades/test scores, you'll get the scholarship.  If you don't have the classes required for the college (ex. 4 years of english, 3 years of math) your son will have to take an extra math or English course his first semester.  Same for Foreign Language, etc.   The chart above does a nice job of showing what is expected for NCAA schools, though as I said, I think there are ways around it if you need to make up one that may have been missed in HS

Some high school guidance counselors don't care to be familiar with the NCAA academic requirements because they believe that is the job of the HS coach.  And some coaches assume it is the guidance counselor's responsibility, and as PABaseballDad mentioned, then the athletes are caught in the middle and end up not being eligible.  

I sometimes get the impression through some of our junior college clients that the JUCO counselors are worse.  We just had a football client be ruled not eligible as a 4-2-4 transfer back to D1 because he was misadvised by the JUCO on the requirements for his Associates Degree THREE times.  Not only is he not eligible, but his family paid for courses that he was advised to take which are of no use to him.  

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