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While I understand everyones route towards earning a D1 scholarship is very different I feel as though there are some great pieces of advice and or ideas to be offered. I have been in contact with lots of programs many are expressing that they love what they have seen(video) and read (scouting reports) and would like to get me to a camp. On Another note earning a bid to the PG National is very prestigious how can one in a sense certify a bid as this would extremely benefit ones recruiting process. Look forward to hearing everyones thoughts and ideas. Thank you!

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Addict, I'm going to encourage you to go back to the first step of the process. IMO, a D1 scholarship should not be your primary goal.
Have you developed a list of schools that are realistic for you? Financially, academic level, field of study, baseball level? That's the starting point.
Most of the ~300 players invited to the PG National Showcase are already committed, or they have offers on the table. If that comes through for you, great, but I suggest you continue to work the process under the assumption that it won't.
Send me a PM if you'd like some help getting started.
This spreadsheet may help you organize your research.

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