Time for last minute summer Collegiate wooden bat team additions

    It's officially that time where summer collegiate teams lose players and rosters occasionally have space where none existed. In the past 2 weeks, we've lost 2 to injury, one to flunking out of school, and one snatched away (okay, we actually agreed to release him) to a full contract at the Cape, which came as no surprise as the player was leading the SEC in batting average around .430, as a true freshman-watch for the name in the future, Jake Mangum, Mississippi State. A super kid with an unreal batting eye.  We also lost a freshman pitcher that will undoubtedly be a freshman All American...but he's already around 80 innings so he'll be wisely shut down for the summer.

   If you didn't get into your destination league, early to late May is when openings occur, especially pitchers.

 Some teams will be looking  for temps due to players held up by Regionals, Super-Regionals, and the College World Series. There are never guarantees and "temporary" usually means "temporary". We project 8-10 players coming late but we don't do temps. Nevertheless, many teams do and players do occasionally show enough to stay.

    Our spots are filled-don't ask. 

p.s. I was also tired of the same topic appearing here since March. 






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I guess you are not one to ask to impartially rate all the leagues, but I am fascinated with summer baseball.  Just really found out about it a year ago and have never been to a game (no leagues close to where I live).  Given your insider knowledge, can you describe the morning life of a summer baseball player?  It looks like the Valley Baseball league has some short commutes, so between home games and short commutes, exactly what to these 20 yo's (and younger) do between 8am(?) and baseball?


My son worked for the Parks & Rec Dept. 11-5 shift M-F. He worked out at the gym before work each day.Missed some mid week day games due to work, but made all of the weekend DH's and some of the mid week night games. GM of the team was not real happy about it, but since he was not putting gas in son's car or feeding him  there was not a whole lot he could do about it. The GM knew this was the deal when my son signed on to play with the team. Besides, there were more than enough players on the roster to field a team for every game.

Typical day for 90% of the players: they get up at 11:00-12:00, eat a little something, go to gymn, workout, back by 2:00, grab a little nap, to the field around 4:00-4:30, BP starts around 5:15, Game at 7:00, game ends around 9:45-10:00 p.m., clean up the field, post game meal at the ballpark, home around 10:45, they group together and play playstation, some guys actually go fishing, watch TV, normally watching baseball, bed around 12:30-1:00, then they do it all over again the next  day. Some days have civic  functions, camps, normally we have 5-7 guys work 2-3 hours (9-12).   

Bobby, what summer league was that?  Any summer league my son has been involved in the players need to be committed to the team an season.  If I were a GM an you came across like your post "there is enough other players on the roster to field a team every game" an "there was not much he could do about it",  doesn't play well with me.  The league's I am aware of there are players waiting in line to get on good teams in good leagues.  It surprises me that a GM an coach would allow part time player.  I also surprised others haven't jumped on this either????

Proud parent-in the Valley league, many teams find players part-time jobs if desired; most players don't want one but some do...and some have to for gas money and the like. The jobs we line up on our club are normally outdoor type stuff, working at most 9-12.  I've never heard of a player in our league priortizing work over baseball-some kids have had to take an on line exam, but even that is done in non-baseball hours. 

Bumping this up as it's that time of year where innings, injuries, and girl friends start decimating rosters. We have signed 33 guys (to a 30 man roster), but we've never had a May where we didn't lose at least 4-5, and with NCAA Regionals and Super-Regionals, it looks like we will 3 weeks into our season before there is even a potential numbers problem.   I've seen teams sign as many as 40 for a 30 man roster-saw one team with 27 pitchers back in November.   You get used to it.......but 27 pitchers is a lot of pitchers...(They are down to 17 now, which is pretty close-most teams only carry 12-15 position players and the rest are pitchers)

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