Tony Guzzo fired at ODU

I will miss coach Guzzo. He was always nice and helpful to me and my son. It appears that ODU wants to win and for what ever reason, ODU's BB team has been in the middle of the pack.

They had a nice late season run. However, it appears by the announcement in today's paper that the handwritting was on the wall!?

Good luck to coach Guzzo, you will be missed.

Any guess on a replacement. They stated that there will be a national search?
Sure will miss him. While he didn't have a great record at ODU, he always treated his players with the greatest amount of respect and represented the school very well. He teaches more than baseball to the people who play for him. Good luck Tony in your next job.
How do you fire a coach who has represented your school for 10 years via cell phone? Why not let him get out of the parking lot in Wilmington after his team was eliminated?!? Couldn't it wait until he made the trip home?

How did the story get to the Va Pilot so quickly? It seems to me that it was probably pre-released.

As for his replacement....rumors do NO ONE any good.

Best of luck, Coach Guzz.
I agree with on how do you fire a coach over the phone. If it is true. Jim Jarrett is the biggest jackass in the world. If it was a women's sport it would have done differently. All jarrett cares about is women's sports.

What harm does it do for fans to speculate fella?
Tony Guzzo is a great man. When my family needed him this past year, he was right there. He talked to both of my boys at length(imagine that) and consoled my husband.
As far as baseball goes, don't count him out. His future can be alot of different avenues. Not all of them coaching. He has contacts everywhere. This incident is not going to dictate his career, it is not a roadblock, it is a stepping stone to his future.
I beleive there is not one person on this website that has greater firsthand knowledge of Dr. Jarrett's ways than my family. I could tell many stories that have been passed on. Most of us are to young to even know about.(except you beach dad). However, I believe Guzz would not want this anymore than Bud would. As a matter of fact, I can send any one of you a "letter to the editor" that Bud wrote many years ago.
Speculation will always be there, but just remember, nobody here has a clue what the final outcome will be. We are all just spectators in the stands for this one. It is still a state institution that has to follow certain guidelines. But don't kid yourself, Dr. Jarrett is the final resting spot. Especially with the person who actually runs his office retiring.
Not that Tony waste his time reading this site, but my family does wish him the best and certainly appreciate all of the time he has devoted to the ODU program.

Lynn Metheny

The best thing that each of you can do, and I have said this before, is support the program by attending the games.

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