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I was hoping to get some advice on tournaments where the players play in nice fields and/or stadiums for the entire tournament.  I'm starting a 16u team with many players who've never been outside of Wisconsin and I'm looking to give them a really memorable experience.  Looking at the Florida area, but would like to hear of other tournament locations also.  This team should be fairly competitive.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  


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Check out Pastime Tournaments.  They host a lot of tourneys in the midwest and play at all the top colleges....ND, Ohio State, U of Michigan, etc.  If you sign up early you're guaranteed at least one game at the host site....and more if you make it to bracket play.  Also agree about Grand Park....just outside of Indy....good tourneys and a great complex. 

I'm always going to be a fan of Perfect game at Lakepoint (Near Atlanta).  You may not get turf fields more than once or twice but the high school fields they rent out are pretty decent as well.  Plus, if any of them plan to play in college PG profiles are pretty easy  to reference to coaches.

I guess you need to decide what is the purpose of this 16u team. Just a memorable fun experience to look back on, or are they trying to get recruited to play in college? That should help you pick a venue.

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Anyone played here yet?

Geared toward younger kids and looks like a Copperstown type setup.  My kids are long past this age, but it looks like it has possibilities and is located in a decent spot to draw from the Midwest as well as South.


Wow, looks amazing.  Here's the satellite view....doesn't look like it was finished at the time of the photo, but the fields are done.  Pretty cool place....wish my son was still 15,+Branson,+MO+65616/

I would not recommend Ft Myers. You play at spring training facilities, but only the championship game is played at either JetBlue or CenturyLink. The biggest problem though is weather, you would be a fortunate soul to not have rain or lightning delay on a daily basis.

Personally I'm a big fan of Vtool tourneys.  In two of the tourneys this summer, 1 in Houston the other in Dallas, you would've had the chance to play at A&M, Rice, UofH, Sam Houston, TCU, DBU, UTA, Baylor. Not every game but at least 2 of the pool games and all championship bracket games. They are a great organization and they're expanding every year. They do events in Texas, OK, CA, KS, and now this fall added 1 in Vegas.

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