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My 2019 RHP/OF received a generic email inviting him to the "Round 1" state tryout for the USA Baseball National Team Identification Series ("NTIS") for $150.00.  We don't know anyone at USA Baseball.  On their website I found the 2016 roster for the 17U squad and crosschecked a handful of the kids against the PG site - all are studs but basically none were from New England (where we live). Anyone have any experience with this? Any colleges attend these tryouts in June/July? $150 seems like a lot for a tryout. Also, we're cautiously optimistic he'll receive an invite to the Area Code tryout in June. While I have no expectation that he'll make the AC cut, I'd rather he get college exposure there for free than perhaps at the NTIS tryout for the fee. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.  

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Lots already posted in this forum  Search NTIS and you'll read plenty of history.

But in a nutshell, you'll find opinions from "best baseball experience ever" to "complete waste of money".

As long as you go in with eyes wide open and realize that most of the final rosters are predetermined, and your expectation doesn't go beyond playing at various tryouts and possibly Cary for the cost of admission, then you'll be fine.

As for college scouts, I've not heard of any scouts attending any of the regional events.  Been several years since he was at NTIS in Cary, but even there, no scouts.

Totally not necessary, but son did have fun.  He didn't get to Cary, but he got to the penultimate series several states away, and met a ton of great players at each event.  However, son did this at age 14, I think, and not for recruiting purposes. 

Interestingly, we paid for like 3 events as son moved on through the ranks.  His roommate his freshman year in college went straight to "go"....or Cary, NC....that same summer without all the hoop-la and money.  Neither made the USA team.

I took a day off from work and drove an hour to take my 2023 thinking it would be a good experience.  There were 3 or 4 other players there and the talent level was less than stellar. However, the combine was run well and we got some good feedback.

When they reached out to let me know that he made it to the next round (Another $150), we passed.  I just did not see the value for a kid his age.  Maybe it is better for the older kids?

Lu 57,

Wait you took a 2023 graduate to a showcase? The kid isn't fully developed yet let him grow and become a better player before you do stuff like that. You don't want people seeing him now and thinking well he ain't very good, you want them to notice him when he is a junior or senior. I would save your money and wait a few years. Nobody is ever gonna care about someone that young, just saying.

Lots of previous discussion on this topic, as stated above. 

Avoid.  A lot of politics.  They already know who they want.  Best kids aren't necessarily the ones chosen (for a fact).  Waste of time and $$. 

I could go on.  Save your money for some good lessons. 


My son made it to Cary at 14U.   The organization that ran the Ohio Valley region at the time was a joke, his team was awful, coaches were ridiculously incompetent (brought 4 kids from their travel program that were bad rec ball kids) and there was absolutely no college exposure whatsoever in Cary.  That being said, the event itself was nice....especially considering it was late October and it was 86-88 and sunny every day.  Some good baseball,  he had fun and it was a nice weekend trip away from the cold in Ohio.    15U and up was a different story down there.   There were ALOT of big time schools there....a friend of his was there at 15U and got a couple good contacts though there were quite a ways from us and never amounted to much.  If it's me, I'd risk the $150.....if you are interested in going to Cary in October if he gets the invite.....if not, it's probably a waste of money!

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