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I am looking for any input or advice on the USA showcase team. My son has been asked to join the summer team in GA.  I do not know anything other than what is on their website!  Thanks , very appreciated!

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The email we received said two of their coaches saw my son at the PG main event in Florida in December..he also added a paragraph about our options since we live in NH .. So I was thinking this is not just a general email sent to kids all over. 

CaCO3Girl posted:

LJSM I sent you a PM.  Check the top of the screen, near your name, you should have a red circle with a number in there.  Click your name and look in your private messages.

I'd like that PM too.  We got one of them, except they said they saw son at an event he did not participate in.

I haven't just laid out what this is on the thread because I'm not entirely sure but I know it isn't what Buckeye described so okay here is what I know.

They are doing multiple things at USA showcase, one of which is sort of like a summer camp of baseball 24/7. Play PG events, live in a cabin with teammates, get instruction and baseball work outs and I also heard something about all the food being organic or planned out by a nutritionist.

USA showcase already has 9u-17u teams with some really great coaches, half of which come from a local D2. Anyway, I know the head of the orginization. He's a good guy who loves the game. It's a nice concept, and living close to lakepoint all summer will likely have its perks :-) I've heard the camp option is full, but he's got a lot of stuff going on. I really hope it comes together for him, and it sounds like it will be a great experience for the players.

Buckeye 2015 posted:

CaCo3Girl....I just looked at their website.  I'll agree, it doesn't look like the same deal as I described....I deleted my last post. 

That was nice of you Buckeye.  Like I said I don't know much I just didn't like the thought of someone searching HSBBW, reading your post, and thinking USA Showcase was like the teams you previously described.  It just seemed wrong to leave the post unanswered.

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