Wabash College

I know Wabash well. Son was recruited strongly by them, and for a long time they were his top choice. Son ended up at a competitor, OWU.

Academics are very strong at the school. And the alumni are very helpful to graduates. Unlike most other schools, you can start your freshman year in a fraternity. Greek life is strong on campus. 

Jake Martin just finished up his first year, with a very young team. He was previously the coach at Depauw. Wabash's chief rival. He did very well their. He is a Wabash grad and knows what it takes to be successful. He recruited my son when at Depauw, and we were very impressed. He may have considered the school, but it was well out of the price range of the others.

The story on Wabash is they could always hit, and are usually good offenisvley. They sometimes struggle defensively, and usually have one good to really good pitcher, but the rest if the bull pen and rotation struggle. They rarely have enough pitching. 

They did win the NCAC once but have struggled to her back to the NCAC tourney since. 

They used to have a non-typical spring break. They would travel to Texas Arkansas and other states on long weekends, and play 2 or 3 games against D3 schools in those areas. But the last couple of years they have gone down and played in the snowbird classic, and picked up some games in ft. Myers. 

Be aware that football is king at the school. All the sports get support from the student body, but not like football. But baseball does benefit from this. The facilities are top notch from the field to the weight room. 

Being an all male school, it is not for everybody. That was attractive for my son because, it was like being on a team Monday through Friday. Nothing but guys around, and the camaraderie, cannot be beat. Plus there are many females on campus for the weekend.

Town is small but really supports the college.

I would not had a problem sending my son there.

That being said. GO BISHOP'S. 

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