What the best Catchers Mitt?

It really depends on what size and style you feel the most comfortable with.
Rawlings HOH and Pro Preferred are excellent quality mitts. The All-Star mitt seems to be well made from a good quality leather, but most (if not all) of them are a bit bigger than their Rawlings counterparts. If you like a bigger, heavier glove that looks to be a very good way to go.
I've also used Akadema- the original mitt they made that was shaped very similar to a Kelly, was made of top of the line leather and lasted me a LONG time and is by far my favorite mitt ever, however, they quit making that model with good leather and the current mitt by that model number isn't a very good mitt.
I've also used their Praying Mantis style mitt and have mixed feelings about it. It has some really good advantages, but also some shortcomings. It really all depends on what feels comfortable to you.

Also, you can't really go wrong with an A2403 (Pudge)- I would suggest, though, that if you go with a Wilson model, you go with one that the interior (the part where the ball is caught) is the black leather rather than the brown leather- the black leather (on all mitts by all brands) seems to be a little stiffer and longer lasting...

Hope this helped
Anyone have any thoughts on any of the Nokona CM600 series mitts? I just got a CM600K Kimera and was wondering how it compares to these other high end gloves (it's basically impossible to find any high end gloves at any of the sporting goods stores around here - so comparison shopping is very hard).

The one concern I have w/it is that it's only a 32" pattern, and the pocket is a little shallow - but that should mean quick transfers. I'm just a little concerned w/the ball popping out of the pocket, but it still needs a ton of breaking in to know how that will actually be.
I use the Mizuno MVP GXC54 and it is the best glove i have used...I catch pitchers that average high 80's and a knuckle baller and it is the best glove for my postion...it has a small pocket but is very light and easy to minover...Stay away from the shoeless joe mitts, they have to be the worst glove to frame with ive used

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