Where Do MVP's Come From ??

OK, I know this is largely a product of where most people live but still a little surprising to me with Ohio, NY, PA, IL and Canada...

Most MVP Award winners by birthplace
Since 1st year of BBWAA MVP Award in 1931
United States
1. California: 20
2-T. New York, Pennsylvania: 10
4-T. Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois: 6
Puerto Rico: 5 MVPs
International MVP winners
Dominican Republic: 5
Canada: 3
Cuba: 2
Japan, Panama, Venezuela: 1

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These two were interesting as well...


Shortest MVPs by listed height
1-T. 5-foot-6: Phil Rizzuto (1950 AL)
1-T. 5-foot-6: Bobby Shantz (1952 AL)
3-T. 5-foot-7: Yogi Berra (1951, '54, '55 AL)
3-T. 5-foot-7: Joe Morgan (1975-76 NL)
3-T. 5-foot-7: Jimmy Rollins (2007 NL)
6-T. 5-foot-9: Roy Campanella (1951, '53, '55 NL)
6-T. 5-foot-9: Terry Pendleton (1991 NL)
6-T. 5-foot-9: Ivan Rodriguez (1999 AL)
6-T. 5-foot-9: Dustin Pedroia (2008 AL)


How MVP winners in Draft era (signed in 1965 or later) began their careers
Drafted out of high school: 28
Drafted out of college/university: 23
Signed as international free agent: 10
Drafted out of community/junior college: 4
Signed as undrafted free agent: 1

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