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Hi TerribleBPthrower, thanks for the check! That's funny because that is how I used to wear them not too long ago, but it does add some...

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Hoping for an antibody test. Then we would know who had the virus, and who has not. This needs to happen ASAP to save our economy. Those...

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I wonder if some will cancel their contracts and restructure their leagues. I wonder, nothing definitive, if they might say we will play...

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I am hoping and praying for advances in medicine which will allow us to have a more normal summer. I hope the rest of the leagues plan...

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The first thing that will happen is people will go back to work in states with minimal COVID issues that have peaked and graphed out a...

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Thank you for being on this site, and providing this information. It's very unfortunate, but it makes sense. Do you have any sense of...

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The Valley League factors were these: Our governor has shut things down until June 10 so players couldn't even practice until then (and...

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Ohhhhhhh. Fingers crossed that we don't see the whole summer implode.

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Yeah I'm just looking to play in a league to continue playing over the summer. Any examples of these leagues you mentioned that are full...

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Different leagues have different requirements but generally you must have NCAA or NAIA college eligibility left to play in most summer...

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Oh no. I guess there is so much unknown and trying to get host families during a lock down is a nightmare.

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Great question. I feel for the students that were trying to get those tests in only to have them canceled. With a 2022, I'm wondering if...

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Yesterday's answer... B. The runner gets 1 base on a pitch that goes out of play. His last base is determined at time of pitch … no...

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I see the Valley League cancelled their season last night. I expect others to follow suit now that the first domino has fallen.