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2013 RIP-IT Prototype Air BBCOR

Ninthmanout ·
Well, my son loved the 2012 Prototype II last year until the end-cap flew off. Returned the bat for a refund.They say they have fixed the problem so we will give it another go. Should have the bat soon and will let you know how my son likes it. He...

First-Base Mitt

slugger1379 ·
Wasup guys,Ive been playin ball my whole life and have had a few first base mitts, but just today i went looking for an upgrade because at a D1 high school i thought it would help going into my junior year. I was looking at the Rawlings PROSSC21. It...

Florida Players

Just wanted to congratulate all the Florida players drafted this past week and to wish them the best of luck in their baseball future. Also, congrats to all those going on to play college ball as well.

Pitching Speeds

StatManLV ·
How are pitching speeds determined? Is it the speed of the ball when it crosses the plate? Is it the speed of the ball at some interim location between the mound and the plate? Is it the maximum speed the pitch reaches? Not that it really matters, I'm...

Does the draft really get the best players?

CADad ·
No doubt the players selected in the first ten rounds are the best players available with few exceptions. However, at some point later in the draft one has to wonder if the players most likely to succeed are being selected or just the players most...

An old Ball glove I found Yesterday...

Willieg90 ·
I found my new favorite glove in the attic of the house I recently moved into. All I know is that it is an older model Mizuno. It Says Professional model, and in the Palm it says United states Steer Hide,MZ 4500. Has anyone else had this glove in the...


shortstop61 ·
What does it take to get into ASU for baseball. I'm just a soph in High School and want to know what I can do in order to get myself known and ready to play for them or any college ball. Mostly ASU. Thanks.

bat speed

y0y0blackk ·
does anybody know any good training exercise to develop bat speed and ball distance?

Major League Infield Training Comes to Plano

Big League Prep · Infield Camp (Plano, Tx) Session 2Ages 12-13Location: Extra Innings -Plano, TXSaturday, January 14, 2012 to Sunday, January 15, 2012Starts: 12:00pm / Ends: 2:30pmCamp Cost: $135.00Camp...

Luna headed - Pro

HaltomScout ·
Aaron Luna headed for pro ball Rice outfielder and former Southlake Carroll star Aaron Luna is now a professional baseball player. He agreed to terms with the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night. Luna was a 9th-round draft pick and is set to report...

Hurricane Play

TCB1 ·
Our summer coach decided to use a play I used many years ago....we called it Hurricane because Miami of Florida used it to win a World Series game in the 80's.Pitcher picks at 3b., but holds the ball. 3b dives as if ball got past him. We actually have...

Is this Ump wrong?

Shantzee ·
So my team and I are playing a summer ball game, and I'm batting second... so as our leadoff batter strikes out on what he said were terrible calls I go up to bat, doing what I normally do as I stand in the box, tap each side of homeplate (which is...

Bio-Mechanical Aspects of the Kinetic Chain In The Swing

Quincy ·
I figured there had to be a place for this discussion.Many aspects of human movements in sport can be readily understood by Newtonian rigid-body mechanics. Many of these laws and biomechanical principles, however, are counterintuitive to a lot of...

Earned Run or Unearned Run?

Smokey ·
I have a question regarding the scoring of an earned run. The following are actual events that took place in a HS game.The first batter of the inning is walked (BB). The first batter advances to second as the result a throwing error by the catcher on...

A Smile and A Tear

cong ·
One Night Changes a Life, and Calif. Town By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Sports Writer Fri Jun 10, 3:40 PMCLOVIS, Calif. - The chant began late in the fourth quarter in the basketball gym at Clovis East High. The students started it first, clapping their hands...

All-star season predictions!

CADad ·
Well we've pretty much reached all-star season. LL can announce their teams in a couple days.Anybody got a team that has a shot to go quite a ways? Let's hear your prediction now. Last year I predicted that one of our area's teams would go to the LLWS...

Error's on Pitchers ?

bbfreak ·
Ok I have read the rules pertaining to errors on pitchers and catchers and have a couple of questions. Pitcher delivers a pitch and ball is bunted back to him on the ground, the pitcher then makes a wild throw to first and runner advances to 2nd. Ok...

grounding out

jvos baseball ·
In my last few games i have gone into a slide. (I would not call it a slump because i am hitting the ball everytime) Well anyway my problem is that every at bat i either ground out to the first basemen or second basemen, i am a lefty. I think it has...

Houston Thunder Baseball 2012 14U Baseball Tryouts in January

Jesse Espinoza 832 896 Houston Thunder Baseball is looking for a couple of competitive ballplayers to round out our 14u Elite/Premiere team this 2012 spring. We are acollege prep organization...

toss distance/ mph conversion

Lima Time ·
Hello,I was wondering if there are any general rules that apply to converting long toss distance to approximately how many mph the ball is traveling or must travel to reach that distance. I feel like I have seen that on this site before, and if so,...

Batter Interference

Glen Potter ·
Last night, my batter was called out by the plate umpire after he swung at a 2-1 pitch and his follow-thru came into contact with the catcher's mitt and knocked the ball out of his glove.As a former catcher, I remember getting clocked more than once...

I had incoming freshman camp this week and...

DJeter2 ·
it went well. was only kid who got approached by the varsity coach. it was during bunting drills. they said that basrunning and bunting is wat they focus on and during a drag bunt drill i was getting every ball down the thrid base line and the coach...

Hitting struggles

brett232 ·
Im a good hitter but had to take a few weeks off because of family problems. But when I went to hit in the cages a couple days ago, I realized thatwhy swing was still quick, but i wasnt making contact with the ball i was either over it or under it. ...

Question about the Draft and being in College

Chuck ·
Ok heres my deal, Im going to a division 1 school next year to play ball, I didn't enter the draft because i would of been selected very late. I feel that I'm getting better with every outing as i proceed into my first year of college. And i believe...


TRhit ·
What I like is the kid who comes to me and says "Coach, we are playing Team "X" this weekend. I want them. I want the ball for the game. They are mine!"What do you like????

Would this be considered a balk

Geff ·
If pitcher takes the sign while on the rubber with the ball in his glove and not his throwing hand with runners on base then comes to the set position before delivering the pitch. Would it be considered a balk.

Is it a strike?

The Gibsta ·
Hi,Recently in a game, the opposing team's batter attempted to hold back on an outside pitch. In doing so, the force of the swing caused him to loose his grip on the bat and it end up being tossed approx 6' toward the pitcher in fair territory. The...

Is this a balk?

Geff ·
If pitcher takes the sign while on the rubber with the ball in his glove and not his throwing hand with runners on base then comes to the set position before delivering the pitch. Would it be considered a balk.

Pitch Sequence - What not to do!

CADad ·
This is in response to the pitch sequence thread in the general forum but since I'm using a Pony 13 all-star team as an example I posted it in here.My starter last night essentially threw the ball by the first three hitters. We went up 6-0 in the...

Son headed to college for first year? What's he doing this summer?

Krakatoa ·
"Playing baseball" is the obvious answer. Unfortunately, there's no summer league team for my son (RHP) to play on over here in Seoul. He's been on a summer team in the States the past two summers but this year we have to wait to go back since our...

FC or Hit

catcher09 ·
Is this scored a fielders choice or a hit.Man on 1st. Pop fly to shallow right - right fielder charges and R1 stays relatively close to 1st assuming ball will be caught. Ball drops in and Right fielder easily throws runner out at second.I scored this...

Throwing Clip of Pitch Wide to Glove Side

Catching Coach ·
I have been often asked about what mechanics I teach for the handling of pitches that are well to the glove side. The technique I teach does not include a jab step to the direction of the ball. I teach that no matter where the pitch is the footwork...

The "marketing" game??

JT ·
TRHit's response in an earlier thread about marketing got me thinking. We have just sent out letters and Video CD's to several colleges. What's next? Follow-up with a phone call in a 10 days to 2 weeks to arrange a campus vist? Another letter? ...

Need help relaxing

plp556 ·
Hello everyone,I need some help relaxing (as stated by the title) and ill tell you why:I am 16 yo and i play baseball for an 18U team. Throughout freshman, JV, and even this team all of my coaches always said the same thing: I NEED TO RELAX. When im...

Double play

eastbaseball7 ·
Ok this situation happend in my game today. A runner on third and first. Batter hits a deep fly ball to the center fielder. The runner on first starts running and rounds second while the runner on third tags and whats for the centerfield to catch...

Missed base?

rapidfirerob ·
My question has to do with USSSA 6u t-ball state tourney. Witch I believe play under OBR rules. Can a home plate umpire call a kid out for missing a bag, if he is the only one who saw it, and there was no appeal. The other team had no idea what the...

Negative Compliments

Fungo ·
Tell me if I'm picking the fly stuff out of the pepper. During my son's high school years there were a few parents that would always compliment my son but there was always a "BUT" at the end of the compliment."He really looks good at the plate "BUT"...

Looking for Showcases in NC, SC, VA

Carolina Bulldogs 09 ·
I have a team of rising Seniors that is looking to play in fall showcases from August to November. We have committed to three right now but are looking to play as many as 10. We have been hitting a wall with organizers not ever returning e-mails. I am...

Hands high or back elbow high?

larrythompson ·
I was out today with the boy at one of the local parks. Some dads/sons joined us for a game of whiffle ball. Whiffle ball...awesome. As the kids took turns hitting, I'd hear some dads say "get those hands up", and I hear other dads say "get that back...

Is it interference?

jjk ·
Runner on 3rd < two out, batter hits a nubber which the catcher pounces on, the batter/runner running in fair territory outside the running lane is struck by the catchers throw to first, the throw is snagged by the first baseman for an out, the...


I believe umps have a responsibility to know all of the rules, no doubt. But I also believe that the assessment of your ability to be a quality umpire doesn't hinge on your ability to call every infraction in a game. Case in point; way too many umps...

Did your son play Senior Legion ball?

As I know it Legion ball is dying. Where my son was raised the better players all played travel/showcase ball. The Legion players were often varsity bench players and JV players. Where I live now Legion is still relevant. But there are more and more...

equipment question

bbmom15 ·
My 17 year old son was hit by a foul ball in the face and has fractured his nose. His doctor has said that he can play after the surgery but must wear face protection. No problem at the plate but anyone have any suggestions for while he is pitching...

They said it!!!

Vanlandingham ·
In light of all the brilliance being spread over the last week, I thought I would share with you some of the quotes I have heard from scouts and college coaches over the last year. Just food for thought."High school kids get drafted on physical...

What's the call

Geff ·
Runner on first and two out. 0-2 on the batter. On the next picth the runner takes off for second, the batter swings and misses the pitch, the catcher also misses the ball and it rolls to the backstop. The batter breaks for first and the ump calls...

Zach Duke already has his own bobble-head doll

FutureBack.Mom ·
The Minor League Baseball site has an interesting feature where they highlight the week's upcoming 10 "best" promotions at the minor league ball parks. On today's site, the following blurb highlights an upcoming promotion at the Pirates' AAA Altoona...

Appeal Play process

Pirate Fan ·
I have a question regarding the proper procedure to make an appeal under OBR. I know the ball has to be live, and the team making the appeal only has one attempt.Here is the situation - runner misses 3rd base. The 3rd baseman is yelling to the coach,...

16 yr old Lefty Looking for fall ball

lefty46 ·
Lefty Pitcher looking for fall ball. E-mail me, call or go to my web site stats and info are there. Thank you.

Psychological Effects of Competition

smalltownmom ·
Hello, My name is Joey Starling and I am an incoming senior at the IB at Bartow High School. My mom enjoys this site, and I know she has learned a good bit on here that she has shared with my dad and I. I am hoping some of you might be able to help...

coaching dilemma

woody4220 ·
We have a player that has been on our team for 5 years (14u). He has always been very productive--bats leadoff, hits for high avg (about 400), walks a lot, OBP of over 600, hits for decent power to all fields, leads the team in stolen bases, runs...